Droog Fort

Droog Fort

Droog Fort is a historic fort located 15 kilometres from Coonoor, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. The fort was used as an outpost by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century. Today, the fort is in ruins, with only one wall remaining. The site attracts tourists, who reach the fort by hiking through the Nonsuch Tea Estate.

One of the favorite tourist hill stations of all time that Coonoor is, it is home to the historically enriched Fort, namely, Droog Fort. Coonoor is a small Nilgiri Hill station which renders it a quiet ambiance. This fort is also commonly called as Bakasura Malai. This fort is located in Tamil Nadu and is nestled amidst the Blue Mountains or Nilgiri Hills as they call it. The exact location of this particular fort is around 13 km away from the township area. However, currently on visiting one can only find its ruins. The view from the fort towers is simply spectacular since it is raised 6,000 feet from the sea level. This Tourist destination is a delight when it comes to trekkers. The location of the fort is surrounded by deep valleys on each of the 4 sides making the mountain top view absolutely breathtaking.

Droog Fort

The local folk-lore that roams in the air of Coonoor is about a demon named Bakasura. This is where the Droog Fort gains its alternative local name, Bakasura Malai. This fort breathes history in every single brick and even in its ruins. The fort was in the 16th century established by Tipu Sultan. Earlier in the 18th century during the rule of this famous king, this particular fort was vastly used as an outpost by the military people. The architecture of the fort is such that one can get a great bird’s eye view of the plains that surround the fort. Thus, it is evident why this fort was a hot spot for Tipu Sultan. It is simply because it is an excellent mechanism to identify and spot potential enemies and destroys them before they do. Today, the fort is old and worn out. It is lonely with its ruins but, it is an important destination for tourists especially for people who are passionate about hiking. The trekking enthusiasts literally do not think twice before taking the 3 km None such tea Estate trekking trail to reach this ruined yet famed Coonoor attraction. Long time back the fort used to be an imposing feature between the Nilgiris but, now its existence is only dependent on one of its remaining walls. Other than that the sole watch tower encapsulates the feel of Droog Fort.

droog fort coonoor

Droog Fort Timings

There is no specific time slot that is set by the authorities to visit this fort because it is practically out in the open without any such boundary. This is the reason why wanders from the nearby areas can visit the Droog Fort at any time between 6 am-6 pm. Normally tourists do not spend more than 3 hours exploring the ruins of the fort and admiring the stunning surrounding with a puff of the archaic air in their lungs.  

Hotel & Accommodation Facility

Coonoor offers to its frequenting tourists a wide variety of hotel and accommodation facilities. Both luxury hotels, as well as budget friendly guest houses, are available as options for accommodation. The services in the guest houses are really value for your money and give a very homely feel to tourists. One can also avail the options of homestay.

Ways To Reach

Coonoor as a city is tremendously accessible by road from the major neighboring cities. That owes to the modern developed Roads of recent times. If you wish to fly then you can very well opt for the nearby airport that is located in Coimbatore. The facilities of local bus, train and car rentals are available from the airport. Once you reach Coonoor, you can either trek your way to the Droog Fort or take a cab.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit the fort at any time of the year. However, it is best to avoid the monsoons as it becomes risky for the trekkers to trail all the way up to the fort. The ideal time of the year to visit here would be from October to March. Have a memorable winter day up at this fort with your binoculars at the watch tower.

Places To Visit Nearby Droog Fort & Coonoor

Coonoor and Droog Fort are surrounded by various other tourist spots. Some of them are Law’s Falls, The Hidden Valley, George’s Church, Highfield Tea Estate, Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint, The Taj Garden retreat etc.


Even though the fort is in ruins, the thrill associated with this area is consistent and doesn’t fail to spread its charm among tourists. The Droog Fort of Coonoor promises an experience of an unparalleled serenity of the landscape as a view. This place is a treat for birdwatchers as well with the constant visit of rare bird species.

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