Four special nights as per Tantra


The FOUR special nights as per Tantra

1- Maha Ratri – Shivaratri

2- Krur Ratri – Holi

3 – Moha Ratri – Janamashtami

4- Kaal Ratri – Diwali.

Each Ratri has special energies flowing through the earth, and correct sadhna for correct purpose done on these ratris bring amazing results.
Let’s talk of Diwali only… Kaal ratri is controlled by Mother Dhumavati, the 7th Mahavidya.

So as per Dhumavati’s attributes all sadhnas done to attain money, good business, control spirits etc are done on Diwali.
The month from rainy season to Diwali is controlled by Jyestha Nakshatra… Jyestha is the name of Dhumavati also.. hence Dhumavati sends all negativity to the earth during this period. hence no good work marriage etc is done during this time.

The night before Diwali, the negativity is at the highest, Sun being in Kanya Rashi becomes Neech and there is no Moon.

To ward off negative forces, our rishis advised to symbolically light lamps in the house and use fire works etc to symbolically ward off darkness – the Tam

Then on Diwali Jyestha nakshatra sets and Rohini comes. Rohini is Kamala, the Tantric form of Laxmi, so people worship Laxmi and they get results.

Above answers following question:

What is the Tantrik importance of the night of Diwali? Why is it called the most suitable ?


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