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10 Most Beautiful women of Mahabharata


Mahabharata is one of the most renowned epics of India.There are some exemplary women characters in Mahabharata who are the epitome of courage, elegance, beauty and intelligence. Even in today’s world, these women characters can be taken as ideal examples as to how a woman must lead her life with courage.

These women were ahead of their time and were bold enough to put forth their voices against the male-dominating society. These characters teach us some of the greatest lessons in life of how to be outspoken, courageous, faithful, devoted, etc.

Here are the list of most beautiful women of the epic Mahabharata.

1. Urvashi


Urvashi was a beautiful nymph in Indra’s “Darbaar” and was among the most beautiful women of Mahabharata. She loved Arjuna and tried to allure him with her charm. However, when Arjuna refused her advances, she became furious and cursed Arjuna that he would be devoid of his manhood. Urvashi was the most fearless woman during that period who frankly expressed her desires to a man.

Although, there were many beautiful women in Mahabharata like Kunti, Ganga, Ulupi, Subhadra, Gandhari and Satyavati, nobody comes close to Urvashi. She was epitome of beauty, prejudice and pride. A deadly combination.

2. Draupadi

draupadiDraupadi is the heroine of the Mahabharata. She is the common wife of the five Pandava brothers and queen of Hastinapur, in their reign. Born from a fire-sacrifice of king of Panchala – Drupada, Draupadi was prophesied to lead to the end of Drona and the Kauravas. She was the beautiful daughter of the emperor of Panchala, king Draupada.

Even the sage Vyasa went into a rapture describing her extraordinary beauty. It was the only time he described his heroine in such detail.

“Eye-ravishing Panchali, black and-half-smiling eyes, entrancing and radiant with rather haughty glow … Soft eye-lashes; standing tall, with well formed swelling breasts; narrow waist like the middle of the sacred Vedi; ”

3. Kunti

Kunti was also among the most beautiful women of Mahabharata. She had a child before her marriage, so she was believed to be quite advanced during that epoch. Karna, was her son and Sun God was his father.

However, it was in a very young age that Kunti called upon the Sun God in a playful mind and was blessed with a son. Later she realised that it may be a disgrace for her and her family. So she discarded her child and let him float in a river by putting him in a basket.

4. Ganga

Ganga is one of the most beautiful women of Mahabharata. She was King Shantanu’s first wife. Her mesmerizing beauty allured the King and he proposed Ganga.

She accepted Shantanu’s proposal on 3 conditions; first, he would never ask about where she hails from; second, the King would never ask her anything about her actions, no matter how good or bad they are and would always be by her side, regardless of anything.

The third and last condition was, if he breaks any of the above 2 conditions, she would leave him at once.

5. Satyavati

Queen Satyavati, also known as Matsyakanya is considered one of the prettiest woman of Mahabharata era. It was her beauty which could woo the King Shantanu. King Shantanu, after his wife Ganga left him taking his eighth son (Bheeshma) before drowning his seven sons into Gange river (a different story), was left all alone and living a lower life. But once he met Satyavati, he became very happy and proposed her.

6. Gandhari


Gandhari was King Subala’s daughter and when she was young she worshipped Lord Shiva. She was blessed by Shiva to have one hundred sons. Later, she was married to Dhritarashtra who was blind and when Gandhari came to know this, she also blind-folded herself.

She was one among the 9 most beautiful women of Mahabharata who sacrificed herself willingly to be blind-folded throughout her lifetime for her life partner.

Due to this decision, she had acquired power and knowledge. It was said that her gaze was extremely powerful and she had called for her first born son Duryodhana to come in the natural form during the war of Kurukshetra so that she could remove the blindfold and see him and protect him from any harm.

7. Ulupi

ulupiUlupi was a beautiful Naga princess who was obsessed with Arjuna and wanted to marry him. She kidnapped Arjuna after intoxicating him with some strong potions and then proposed to him.
She was a beautiful Naga princess who was obsessed with Arjuna and wanted to marry him.

8. Amba

Amba was the eldest princess and the daughter of king of Kashi who fell in love with Salva, the king of Saubala and during her swayamwara she decided to put varmala in his neck. However, she was kidnapped by bhishma along with her two younger sisters Ambika and Ambalika to marry them to his newphew, Vichitravirya.

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Subhadra was the sister of Balarama and Sri Krishna. She was also one of the most beautiful women of Mahabharata.

Arjuna was besotted by Subhadra’s beauty and wanted to marry her. Krishna advised Arjuna to abduct her because Balarama wanted her to get married to his favourite pupil “Duryodhana” and Krishna was against this

10. ChitrangadaArray

Chitrangada was the beautiful daughter of Chitravahana, who was the King of Manipur. Arjuna was besotted by her beauty and was determined to marry her.

He asked the King for her hand. Chitravahana had no sons, so he accepted Arjuna’s proposal on one condition that if he marries Chitrangada, he must give her son to the King to inherit his kingdom.

Every woman in Mahabharat, makes an entry as some man’s mother, wife, daughter or sister. She does not enjoy the individual identity of a kind Queen/ brave warrior / great disciple / wise teacher.

Who was the most beautiful woman in mahabharata?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

There were many beauties in the Mahabharata.
Ganga and Satyavati captured the heart of Shantanu.
Kunti and Madri kept Pandu occupied.
Panchali enthralled all who beheld her.
Rukshmani and Satyabhama were ageless beauties who captured the heart of shri Krishna.

There were others at the time including Gandhari, Hidamba, Ulupi, Usha, Uttara, Urvashi, Subhadra etc who were all great beauties in their own time and in their own places and amongst their own people.

Main thing is none of these women were silent or weak.  They were all ladies with great personality and self confidence.

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