The Spirit of Dussehra


दश हरा  (Dasha-Haraa) is a Sanskrit word which means ‘removal of’ or ‘victory over’ ten bad qualities within oneself. The occasion is indicative of removing the bad qualities and replacing them with good qualities

  • Replace Impulsiveness (काम / विवश ) with Persistence (विनिर्बन्ध)
  • Replace Anger (क्रोध) with Forgiveness (क्षमा)
  • Replace Greed (लोभ) with Integrity (शील)
  • Replace Arrogance and Pride (अत्यारूढ/मद) with Modesty (नम्रता)
  • Replace Jealousy (ईर्षा / मत्सर) with Kindness (दया)
  • Replace Hatred (द्वेष) with Love (स्नेह)
  • Replace Despair (निराशा) with Hope (आशा)
  • Replace Indecisiveness (संशयः ) with Courage (धैर्य)
  • Replace Delusion/Confusion/Ignorance (मोह) with Wisdom (विवेकम्)
  • Replace Lethargy (आलसः /स्वापव्यसन) with  Self-Regulation and Determination (निग्रह / निश्चय )

Hence, दशहरा  (Dussehra) also known as विजय दशमी (Vijaydashami) signifying विजय (Vijaya) or victory over the ten bad qualities.

रामदिवत् वर्तितव्यं न तु रावणादिवत् 

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