5 Lessons I learned from an Old Man on a Bus!

Five_Lesson from Old Man

Sometimes I travel through public transport. Today, I met an old guy with a very young mind. I asked him to sit where I was sitting but he refused it.

He said, “Let me stand son, its good to be in action rather being static“.

When a person siting next to me left, he got the place to sit right beside me. And he start talking about his life experiences.

He said, “Never sympathize, always take action and help people“.

Then he started talking about why he is old and still healthy. He told me that if you don’t want to be a diabetic patient when you grow old then, “Eat less and walk more“.

That’s three lessons already in our short conversation. Next, he told me that always ask questions and engage in a conversation. You will learn more than anything in that human interaction.

Last (before he was leaving), he told me to shave daily. He thinks that it gives you a fresh look. It makes you presentable. And anywhere you go whether its your workplace or education, you will be welcomed well.

One of the finest half hour of my life. 🙂

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