7 Vachan : 7 Promises in traditional Indian wedding

India is really rich in spiritual as well as traditional events,  and wedding ceremony is one of the most important ritual in India. A Hindu wedding is vivaha (Sanskrit: विवाह  and the wedding ceremony is called vivaah sanskar. The Hindus attach a lot of importance to marriages. The ceremonies are very colourful, and celebrations may extend for several days. The bride’s and groom’s home – entrance, doors, wall, floor, roof – are sometimes decorated with colors, balloons and other decorations. It is celebration of life where not only two people get united but their soul get connected with each other, which makes it unbreakable bond. Every event in Indian wedding is processed  According to  ancient Vedas, Upanishads, and other epics of  India where knowledge is defined in detail. From Astrology to palmology everything is matched perfectly. Wedding takes place in front of Fire.  And the reason is obvious. In Indian Vedas, Upanishads and other epics  fire is defined as purest from, all five elements (tatva) these five elements are 1 Earth,  2 Water, 3 Fire, 4 Wind , 5 Space.
It is written in Vedas that  Lord Shiv (Mahadev)  boons to AGNI that You will be pure till end of the universe. Let get back to wedding , but before Wedding ceremony families invites relatives, friends, acquaintances. And groom’s family send turmeric paste to bride family, It is important ritual it means,  Groom’s  family accepts bride family in every situation.

   It originates from the Hindu wedding religious ceremony where Lord Shiva and his bride Sati were applied with Haldi to cool the couple and make them look even more beautiful.

Now Defining 7 promises which bride and groom takes in front of Fire.
1 : bride promises to groom : My goodness, my good luck  belongs from you. Based on our previous incarnation you are my Man.. and i am your lady.

1 Groom promises to bride : i will  nourish you with love.  You will be always relieved, in happiness or sadness i will be always with you.

 2 bride promises to groom :  Whatever i will receive from my man i will be satisfied and from child to aged people in the family, i will Compliance my every family member.

2 Groom promises to bride :  Clothes, jewelry , You will have freedom in your clothing, i will fulfill all your Equitable needs .

3 : bride promises to groom :  I will always follow your saying, and will cook sweets and food for you.

3 : Groom promises to bride : I will be not desire any other lady. And in food i will  prefer simplicity.

 4 : bride promises to groom :  i will use pure ornamentation to look attractive to you and will perform my deed with  my voice, heartily feelings and body with you.

4 Groom promises with bride : I will not join any ceremony, function without you. I will not visit any holly place alone.

 5 Bride promises to Groom : I will have patience in sorrows and will feel happy in happiness. And will always support you in every situation. I will never go close to any other man.

5  Groom  promises to bride :  In Garden, in places or in entertaining region i will be with you. In cooking you will have complete  freedom.

6  Bride promises to groom : I will live happily with you, will serve father in law and mother in law. I will have affection with kids.  I will show Hospitality to relatives and acquaintances. I will live with you, no matter where you will live. We will never cheat our  love once and will be never cheated by them.

 6 Groom Promises to  Bride : I Will never leave you. I will never leave you from my heart. In every ceremony you will sit on my left side . I suppose you will bring good luck for me…..

7 Bride Promises to Groom : I will put my trust in You. In every ritual i will support you,  In finance, Virtue and in every rite, i will act  accordingly to your behavior. Here every one is Witness that you became my husband and i conferred myself to you.

 7 Groom promises to bride : I Accept your trust and put my same trust on you.  By touching your heart here i announce that , I accept You as my better half, You will stay in my voice and i will be your husband. 

These are the 7 promises which were made in every hindu Indian wedding. These Rituals , tradition are rooted deeply inside heart. These are pillars of the Society…

It is believe that during every wedding in India girl who is going to became bride is an avatar of goddess Parvati and Groom is avatar of Lord Shiva, That’s why it is the common saying that  both are Shiv – parvati  like couple.

First Invitation of wedding  is send to Lord Ganesha… Lord Ganesha is known as trouble destroyer. Lord Ganesha is elephant headed.  Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

It is the bond of trust and Love….

We will care each other….

I live in you and you live in me….

Will live with you.

Will use ornamentation  for  you….

 You belongs to me and i belongs to you…

This turmeric and vermilion is prove that  I am married and you are fine.

I will follow you….

Soul mates

I conferred myself to you.

I  will look after you with love…

You are the man and i am your lady…

 Life is impossible without you…

 Only for you…

Will bring Good luck for you.

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