A Better Way to Search Amazon.com


Filter Amazon by products surpassing X number of reviews

There is other online portal where you search Amazon via http://so.cool. It has a Kayak-like slider to the side of search results using which you can only display search results that have the minimum number of reviews that you provide.

    There are few limitation in Amazon Search that I hate:

  1. Amazon only allows sorting when you have selected a Department
  2. The only review based sorting option available is by Avg. Customer Review

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Amazon has gazillion product reviews but, at the same time, how difficult it can be to take advantage of all that useful information.  An example may help to illustrate the problem…let’s say you’re looking for a cordless phone so you search amazon with the keywords “cordless phone”. By default, you get a bunch of hits (as of today, 31,256 hits!), sorted by relevance, but what you really want to know is “which is the best cordless phone?”.

Man giving positive feedback at the annual review

Of course, “best” is a subjective term but one useful definition is “which of my search results has the highest average rating”? OK, we can do that – Amazon lets you sort your results by average customer rating but when you do that, you get page after page of hits with high average ratings based on a low number of reviews. It’s not very interesting to know that three people gave a product a perfect 5 star rating – I want to know which product got high ratings from hundreds or thousands of people. If you multiply the (normalized) average rating by the number of ratings you get a kind of overall quality factor, which leads you directly to the best reviewed products. In the case of our cordless phone search, the product with the highest “quality factor” was found eight pages into the Amazon results!


This Average Customer Reviews sort can become ridiculous. Now when you click on “sort by average customer review” it brings up the first product with the the most 5 star reviews, then the second most 5 star reviews, then the third…then I have to scroll through LISTS AND LISTS of products with one five star review in order to find the product with the highest AVERAGE review…what the heck Amazon??? Did you suddenly forget what AVERAGE means? It means you add up all of the star ratings and divide by the number of reviews. Not list all the 5 star reviews first. This is highly impacting my shopping experience and wasting my time. The only reason worth shopping at Amazon.com is the ease of use of the website.

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