Agni Gayatri Mantra

Shri Agni Gayatri Mantra

Agni Gayatri Mantra is a Vedic petition to Fire god (Agni dev), one of the three chief deities of the Vedas. Its amazing vibration helps in recuperating fire component inside us. Agni Gayatri Mantra to provide vitality and ojas to the body & mind. Agni Mantra is dedicated to Agni Bhagvan, the Hindu fire god. This particular mantra is the powerful Agni Gayatri Mantra. It is chanted for welfare of earth and for peace and prosperity in the family. Please find Agni Gayatri Mantra in Hindi and English lyrics below.

Agni Gayatri Mantra | अग्नि गायत्री मंत्र

ऊँ महाज्वालाय विद्महे अग्नि मध्याय धीमहि |
तन्नो: अग्नि प्रचोदयात ||

Om Mahajwalay Vidmahe Agni Madhyay Dhimahi |
Tanno Agnih Prachodayat ||

Meaning : Om, Let me meditate on the great flame, Oh, God of fire, grant me with higher intellect, Oh, let the radiant God of Fire illuminate my mind.

Agni Gayatri Mantra

ॐ सप्तजिह्वाय विद्महे अग्निदेवाय धीमहि तन्न अग्निः प्रचोदयात् ॥

ॐ वैश्वानराय विद्महे लालीलाय धीमहि तन्न अग्निः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Benefits of Chanting the Agni Gayathri Mantra

Chanting the Agni Mantra will help you improve your domestic life and bless you with a bright future. You can also recite the mantra to improve overall vitality. Chanting the Mantra ignites the fire in your body, enabling you to burn extra fat and make you lose weight. You must chant the Agni Gayathri Mantra to purify yourself and get rid of unwanted fat or burn emotional issues in your body.

Every day, do 10 rounds of the (108+1) beaded string. Continue this for the next 45 days. Ideally you should do 5 rounds before sunrise and 5 rounds after sunset. After 45 days, on the name of Lord Agni, you must feed the needy. To get the best result you should chant Agni Gayatri Mantra early morning after taking bath and in front of God Agni Idol or picture. 

Agni Gayatri Mantra in Tamil

ஓம் மஹா ஜ்வாலை வித்மஹி
அக்னிதேவாய தீமஹி
தன்னோ அக்னிஹ ப்ரசோதயாத்

Agni Gayatri Mantra with meaning

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