Angry Hanuman : Hanuman Ji with an attitude

Angry Hanuman

Angry Hanuman is a popular modern depiction of Lord Hanuman, the revered monkey god in Hindu mythology. This portrayal showcases Hanuman in a furious or intense state, signifying his immense power and strength. The image often captures Hanuman with a fierce expression, bulging muscles, and clenched fists. In Hinduism, Hanuman is considered a symbol of devotion, valor, and loyalty. He is known for his unwavering dedication to Lord Rama, whom he served as a loyal devotee and trusted companion. Hanuman’s anger is believed to be directed towards evil forces and injustices, as he protects and fights for righteousness.

The depiction of Angry Hanuman serves as a visual reminder to summon inner strength, confront obstacles, and stay resolute in the face of adversity. It reflects the idea that tapping into our potential can help us overcome challenges and fulfill our goals.

Angry hanuman with mace weapon

Why we love Angry Hanuman

A picture of angry Hanuman is a representation of the suppressed anger we are carrying within ourselves

Hanuman was always pictured as a gentle and submissive god. The traditional image of his has a sense of calm on his face, folded hands, or flying peacefully holding a mountain in his palm. The creator of the ‘new-look’ Hanuman, Karan Acharya, said in an interview, he designed this image for his friends, and the intention was designing a Hanuman with an attitude. Looking at the volume of google searches happening for the image, the popular interpretation of ‘attitude’ has been ‘angry’. Below are few of my thoughts on transformation of Hanuman from gentle and submissive to aggressive and macho one.

The picture of changing Hanuman is reflective of the changes happening in the society today. The new majority of people coming into the mainstream middle-class are people from small towns. They belong to that section of society who was mostly nameless and faceless — till about few years back — and did not have a proper job or identity. Today, we find this class of people working as semi-professionals and professionals powering the new economy that is visible in the urban India — Drivers, electricians, repairmen, delivery boys, etc., These are people who are also facing headwinds in terms of competition, consumerism, rising cost of living, expenses to meet their aspirations… and the new-look Hanuman is the symbiotic of strength and mindset to face and overcome these challenges. At a sublime level, these people are also realizing their power (in numbers) in terms of political and social structure. This aggressive image is an assertion of that transformation happening, from being a submissive to assertive one.

Angry Hanuman Images

Bharat and huge hanumaan
Hanuman Burning of lanka
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