Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park Gokarna, also known as Kali Tiger Reserve, is a great place to visit for those who love to explore wildlife. It is situated in Dandeli of the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka and is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the country. The park is a part of the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary and has been declared a protected reserve forest by the Indian government. The park is situated in Gokarna and is considered one of the best places to visit near Gokarna.

Anshi National Park is a one among the National Parks of India, located in Uttar Kannada district, near Dandeli town. Anshi National Park is beautiful tropical rain forest and covers 340sq km area, and this is one of the most endangered national park regarding wildlife and jungle safari. Anshi national park adjoins Dandeli wild sanctuary with it, the sanctuary area covers around 500sq km. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary was declared in 1956. And Anshi national park was declared as national park in 1987. The main purpose of the national park was save tiger, it being declared as “Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve” in the year of 2007.

Leopard Panther

Anshi National Park

There is an Eco-Sensitive part of Western Ghats, where the Anshi national park is located. If you see the geographical view of park, then you will found the deep and green valleys, deep and dark forests, steep hill slopes.Some of the most significant features of the park include its flora & fauna, the beautiful sight of the mountains, valleys, & rivers, and the calmness of village life. Another thing about the park that attracts people the most is the Black Panther which is rarely found in our country but can be seen in this park.

Dominant Flora and Fauna of Anshi National Park

The national park is the shelter for many species of trees, plants, animals and birds. It is rich in the matter of Flora and Fauna.

Main Flora of Anshi National Park-Silver Oak, Bamboo, Lantana, Eucalyptus, Blackboard Tree, Diodspyrus, Bauhinia, Malabar Tamarind, Tetrameles Nudiflora, Carallia branchiate, Acacia, Machilus Macrantha, Xylia xylocarpa etc.

Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve Kali National Park Karnataka

Significance of Anshi National Park

Mammals– Tigers, Elephants, deer, Malabar Civet, Malabar squirrel, deer with spots, Pangolin, Indian bison, sloth beer, Leopard, Sambar, Mouse deer, Barking deer, Langur etc.

Reptiles– King Cobra, Russell’s viper, Vine Snake, spectacled Cobra, Saw-scaled, Bamboo pit viper, Rattle Snake, Viper, Python, Krait etc.

Birds– There is near about 200 species of birds you will find in Anshi National Park. This includes Adjutant Stork, Great Hornbill, and Blue headed Pitta, yellow footed green pigeon, Crested Serpent Eagle, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Broad Billed Roller, Golden Backed woodpecker, Bulbul, Brahminy Kite, Black Crested Bulbul, Ceylon Frogmouth, Ashy black Crested, Drongos, Minivets, Iora.

Black Panther

Best time to Visit the Park

The best time to visit the park is between November to June. In rainy season is becomes dangers to visit the park.

How to Reach Anshi National Park

By Air-Dharwad and Belgaum airport are the nearest airports, near about 106 and 150 km from the Anshi National Park. These airports are well connected with roads.

By rail-Karwar, Londa, Dharwad railway stations are the nearest railway station, near about 60, 100 and 106 km from the National Park. These railway stations are very well connected with roads. One will have no trouble during visiting to national park.

By Road– the national park is well connected with major cities and roads. There are numbers of government and private vehicles, which runs at frequent intervals.

Distance from Nearby Cities of Anshi National Park

There are many major cities connected with major cities, a very few distance from cities, like Bangalore. Other cities are also near to Anshi National Park.

  • Bangalore – 585km
  • Karwar – 60 km
  • Dharwad – 105 km
  • Londa – 100 km
  • Belgaum – 110 km

Other Attractions near Anshi national Park

Trekking, mountains, Rivers, Bhatkal Beach, devbagh Beach, ulvi Channa basaaveshwara Temple just outside to the South Eastern boundary of national park, kali river, Magod Falls, Shivganga falls, and mahabaleshwara Temple, and Kadra valley view point are the nearby attraction, just 12km distance from Anshi national Park. These all are nearest attraction of park, tourists who comes to visit to national park also visit these all places. Trekking is much popular in adventure lovers. As well as the beautiful mountains views and beaches are attract and wins everybody’s heart.

Anshi Nature Camp

Anshi nature camp has is well maintained and attracts the adventure lover towards it, the people who wants to know more about nature and climate closely, being part of the nature camp. The nature camp is managed with tents and dormitory accommodation and also with food arrangement. One can choose ordinary and deluxe tents and dorm according to price and facilities. Dorm has 16 beds and price is 50-70 for Indians and for foreigner price is different. The trekking facility is just 3km from Anshi nature camp. You can contact the national park office or authority and get all information about nature camp and trekking. There are many small villages near the park.

Kali River Rafting

Kali river flows through Dandeli wild life sanctuary, the view of the river is very rustic and scenic. In South of Himalayas kali River is only the one river where Rafting is possible, and this facility makes Anshi national Park more attractive and unique.

Anshi National Park Timings

The park remains open from 6.00am to 8.30am. And 4.00pm to 6.00pm, visit duration would be 3-4 hours. If you want to enjoy Jungle safari, then you will have to pay 400rs for per person.  

Anshi National Park is strictly dedicated to wildlife and biodiversity, to reserve the wildlife and ecosystem is the main goal of national park. There is hunting and grazing on cultivation is not permitted. Anshi National Park is a raw and pure, deep jungle where are no many walking paths available, you are completely on your own; the Anshi national park is one of the most endangers park in India, so if you are planning to visit the park, the understand the responsibility for yourself and for national park. But one thing is certain that here you will feel a magic and relaxation of mind, away from all the madness of city life and issues and daily stress. The nature allows you to feel free and calm and enjoy the beautiful environment and scenic views of nature; you can stay there the nature camps provide you the facility of surviving in danger atmosphere, and how to react in front of mammals and other animals.

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