Arbuda Mata Silasan

Arbuda Mata is kuldevi of Parmar Rajvansh. Parmar rulers were originated at Mount Abu from 'Agnikund', which is why Arbuda Devi is still the Ancestral Goddess of Parmar Kshatriyas. Arbuda Devi is considered as the incarnation of Katyayani Devi. The temple was named after the 'Adhar' of the Goddess Durga, which fell at the site and was found hanging in mid-air.

जय श्री माँ अर्बुदा

Here is photos of the temple in construction.

Maa Arbuda Silasan Sila Poojan

श्री अर्बुदा माताजी के मंदिर सीलान्यास हेतु भूमि पूजन (नीव निर्माण) का मुहर्त तारीख 07/फरवरी/2019 सुबह 11:30 बजे रखा गया था |

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Temple Map

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