Autoscroll : Automatically Scroll the page


Keeping up to date with the various news from around the world can be quite a task. So to make it that bit easier, I figured we can use a bookmarklet to autoscroll a webpage so that I can lean back and/or eat whilst still reading 🙂

AutoscrollThe Bookmarklet

It’s a very simple JavaScript created to solve this kind of problem! It makes automatic scrolls in the page in a very comfortable speed.  Works in Safari and Firefox. If you’re lucky it might work in Opera, Camino, and Konqueror. If you’re at least as lucky as this guy, it might work in IE.

Auto Scroll a Web Page While You’re Reading

How to use it?

  1. Click and drag Scroll it to your bookmark bar in the browser;
    Go to the site that your want to use Scroll it;
  2. Click on Scroll It in your bookmark bar. That’s all.

To stop the automatic scroll, you only need to press q. 😉


Click the really big link above to activate auto-scroll (you may want to make your window small enough to have significant scroll space

Here’s the buttons to push:
0-9 : Set scroll speed, 0 being stand-still and 9 being skim-speed
: Decrease speed
= : Increase speed
shift – : Decrease speed quickly
shift = : Increase speed quickly
q : Quit


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