Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Every traveler and especially who loves Jungle must be aware of the famous Tiger Reserve that the country has and that is Buxa tiger reserve. The famous tiger reserve is mainly located in the Alipurduar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal.  It is one of the most famous tiger reserves of India and is also a special attraction for North Bengal.

Buxa Tiger Reserve or Buxa National Park is a tiger reserve and national park in northern West Bengal, India, covering an area of 760 km². In altitude, it ranges from 60 m in the Gangetic Plains to 1,750 m bordering the Himalayas in the north. At least 284 bird species inhabit the reserve. Buxa Tiger Reserve is a beautiful area encompassing forest, hills and rivers. It covers a large area and contains a variety of flora and fauna. The same forest extends eastwards into the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Throughout the year there come thousands of tourists to visit this place and enjoy a wonderful stay.

Buxa Tiger

How to reach Buxa Tiger Reserve?

There are several ways to reach this particular destination.  The forest is located at the outskirts of the town.  The nearest railway station to this area is Broad Gauge railway station. The place Alipurduar is highly connected with trains from different places of the country like Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati. People coming from south should at first drop at Kolkata and from there take another train to reach Alipurduar.

The reserve can also be reached by road. The distance is juts 30 km from Cooch Behar.  There are various car options available once you reach the place cooch behar.

People who want to travel by air can book their tickets till Bagdogra airport in Darjeeling and from there can book a car or bus to travel to Buxa tiger reserve.  The distance of Alipurduar from Kolkata is 720 km which can be easily reached thorough an overnight journey by train.

The most famous fact about this tiger reserve is the type of forest that one can get to see over here.  The different kinds are

  • Riverine forest
  • Sal forests
  • Hill forest and many others.

This tiger reserve offers a variety of experience to all who visit the place.   The most important factor behind every reserve is the climate. People are often worried about the climatic condition of the place.  One can experience different kinds of climate over here. For every season the climate changes which is very natural and it is truly a wonderful experience.

The main purpose to visit this forest is to have a glance of the famous Indian Tiger, Leopard Clouded leopard, sloth bear and various other kinds of animals.  The entire jungle safari becomes truly mesmerizing if people can witness few tigers across the path of travelling.

Buxa Tiger Reserve Spotted

The flaura and fauna of Buxa tiger reserve is also quite interesting and charming.  The place has a wide range of both plant and animal diversity.  There are around 68 species of mammals, 41 species of reptiles and more than 246 species of birds.  The most special part about this forest has already been discussed. It is a homeland to variety of species which are hard to find in any other places.  

Another interesting factor of Buxa Tiger reserve is Migratory birds. There are thousands of migratory birds which can be witness in this forest area.  Some of the migratory birds which are often seen here are Hornbill, Ibis Bill, Pretty Minivets etc.  The jungle safari will be truly enjoyed by every tourist who wishes to travel to this place.

Buxa Tiger Reserve Tourism

The tourism zone inside the forest is scattered over a huge area and each place has certain significance of its own.

  • Jainty bazaar- it is surrounded by hills and gives an illustrative scenic beauty. One can also do camping over here.
  • Buxa Duar- The buxa fort is also a major tourist attraction.  It is also surrounded by hills and is good for trekking.
  • Poro north and south eco park- It is a very common center for picnic and various other kinds of gathering.

Your visit can be truly mesmerizing at Buxa tiger reserve if you are ready to explore the wild life.

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