Dances of India

Classical Dances of India

The Indian Dance culture is in existence from the ancient times for nearly 2000 years now. This dance culture was famous due to its performances held in temples depicting the Hindu mythologies.

Dances of India

This form of dance art is based on the Natya Shastra. The supreme manifestation of the Indian dance is Lord Shiva, (termed as Nataraja). The major schools of classical dance in India are Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam, and Odissi and few other folk and tribal dances.

Classical Indian Dance

Classical Indian Dance

Kathakali From Kerala

Kathakali depicts a wisely executed story – play dance visualizing the triumph of truth over false. Kathakali dancers features with colourful costumes and traditional make-up. The complete avatar of dancers portrays them as superbeings. Their complete attire is easily recognizable with godlike and heroic representation.

Mohiniattam From Kerala

The main theme behind performing mohiniattam dance is portray love and devotion towards god. The audience can feel God’s invisible presence when dancers perform various movements, through slow and medium footsteps and tempos, with subtle expressions. The basic dance steps (adavus) are categorized into 4 kinds : Dagenham, Jaganam, and Sammisram and Tangnam.

Bharatanatyam From Tamil Nadu

Bharatanatyam dance has been in prevail through centuries. It has been handed down by dance teachers (nattuvanar, the talented Tanjore Quartet) and the dancers (devadasis). This dance culture has been propagated through ages. The complete training usually takes 7 years under the scholars.

Kuchipudi From Andhra Pradesh

The dance that has been in existence since centuries encompassing Sanskrit theatrical tradition is Kuchipudi, also known as the Bhagavata Mela Natakam. The performers sing and dance, with a blend of classic and folk. This dance form exhibits greater freedom and fluidity when compared to other dance styles.

indian classical dance

Odissi From Orissa

Odissi dance performance exhibits love and devotion towards Lord Krishna. These dancers use their head, bust and torso in calm movements to express specific moods and emotions. The temples of Bhubaneshwar, clearly depict the dance sculptures of Odissi.

Kathak From Uttar Pradesh

The main genre of north Indian classical dance developed under the Nawabs Krishna cavorting with the gopis was its main theme. The performances rely on a strong and energetic footwork  around the laikari, the intricate rhythmic compositions, accompanied by the tabla.

Manipuri From Manupur

This dance is originally termed as jogai which means circular movement. The ancient texts, compare the dance performance as the movement of planets around the sun. The dance observed nation-wide popularity as it enacts the performance of Lord Krishna, Radha and the gopis at Ras Leela. It is also termed as the Lai-Haraoba, the ancient Manipuri dance.

Folk And Tribal Dances of India

Bathukamma :  A folk dance from Telangana.

Bibu : It is an aggressive folk dance of Assam.

Bagurumba   : It is a folk dance performed by the Bodos and is popular due its vibrant attire.

Bhangra : It is a lively folk dance from Punjab.

Chah Baganar Jumur Nach :This is a dance of the tea gardens from Assam.

Changu : The is a folk dance from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. It has been named after changu, a simple tambourine instrument accompanied with the dance.

Dandana  : A tribal dance from Andhra Pradesh.

Dasakathia This is the folk role-play performance from Orissa. The performers perform dance, along with songs and character-play.

Dhamal : A tribal dance from Andhra Pradesh.

Gair A dance form from Rajasthan. It is performed by putting foot-steps in a military precision.

Garba : A popular dance form from Gujarat. It is traditionally performed during the Navratri puja.

Ghoomar : A tribal dance from Rajasthan.

Geendad : A Folk form from Rajasthan.

Ghanta Patua   : A folk dance from Orissa. It is very popular due to performance on slits during the month of Chaitra.

Gobbi A tribal dance from Andhra Pradesh.

Kacchhi Ghodi : A popular dance from Rajasthan enacted with a dummy horse.

Kavadi : A dance of Tamil Nadu. It is performed by balancing a pole with two pots upon the shoulder.

Kela Keluni : Dance performance from Orissa.

Raas A popular dance from Gujarat traditionally performed during Navratri.

Rouff A folk dance performed by women from Kashmir during the festivals.

Sakhi Nata  A puppet dance from Orissa.

Terahtali A folk dance of Rajasthan performed by women while seated.

Therukoothu  : A folk theatre from Tamil Nadu.

Yakshagana   : A folk theatre from Karnataka.

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