Dattatreya Moola Mantra


The Lord Dattatreya is an important deity in the Hindu religion. He is considered to be the manifestation of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva combined. The Shri Dattatreya Dhyana Mantra or meditation Mantra is recited to seek the blessings of Lord Dattatreya. Chanting of this mantra also helps to calm one’s mental state and prevent nervousness.

ॐ गुरु दत्ता नमो नमः

Om Guru Datta Namo Namaha ll

By chanting the Name of Shri Dattatreya, the ancestors entrapped in Martyalok gain momentum. Thereafter, depending on their karma they advance to progressively higher regions. Thus, automatically the trouble caused by them to their descendants on the earth reduces.


By chanting the Name of Shri Datta in Pitrupaksha(The dark fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of  Bhadrapad, when rites are performed for the deceased ancestors), the onward sojourn of the ancestors is faster. Hence, during this period, chant for atleast six hours (or seventy-two malas) daily. In general, it is best to chant Datta mantra 11,108 or 1008 times by facing ein east direction.

The best time to chant this mantra is during sunrise or sunset. One can use Lord Dattatreya’s photo or yantra and should sit facing east while chanting this mantra. The rosary bead (japa mala) should be made of Tulasi (basil), Rudraksha, or clear quartz crystal.

The Sadhaka can offer candies and anything sweet such as pongal – rice boiled with milk and sugar as the naivedyam (food offerings) along with flowers.

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