Desert National Park – Jaisalmer India

Jaisalmer Desert

Rajasthan is known for its cultural heritage, historic events and mesmerising beauty. A trip to Rajasthan will never be complete without visiting the famous deserts located there. One of such magnificent desert in Rajasthan is the Desert National Park. The glory and the splendour of this place has touched every corner of the world. Upon the first glimpse, Desert National Park is sure to catch your fancy.

The Desert National Park is anything but deserted. Look closely, and you will spot gazelles, sandgrouses, foxes, snakes, and if you are lucky, the charismatic, critically endangered great Indian bustard Desert National Park is located in the Thar Desert Jaisalmer of Rajasthan. It is 12 km from Jaisalmer district. Desert National Park is not only the largest park in the state but there is no equivalent national park in India.

Desert National Park Deer

Desert National Park

Located in Jaisalmer, Desert National Park is known to be one of the most popular desert in Rajasthan. Spread over an area of 3,100, this park is not only the largest in Rajasthan but is one of the largest in entire India as well. Desert National Park was set-up in the year of 1980 with a mission to protect the flora and fauna of desert. One of the most surprising facts about this park is 20% of the land is formed by rolling sand dunes. Most of the tourists flock around to see the natural rocks and the dense salt lake bottoms in the middle of the gigantic desert land. The amusing ecosystem is a land of rare wildlife, rich flora and fauna and craggy rocks.

This barren land has become home of rear as well as common birds and animals. Quite often, you will see eagles and vultures doing the rounds. If you are a wildlife photographer then desert national park will prove to be a heavenly place for you. Every now and then, you will find tawny eagles or short-toed eagles. During the winter season, you will even catch a glimpse of MacQueen’s bustard and the Demoiselle Crane. The rare sight of Great Indian Bustard draws great number of birdwatchers from across the globe to this park. Make sure to keep your binocular ready, because anytime you can catch a sight of any interesting bird. Desert cat, Wolf, Bengal fox, Hedgehog and Blackbuck adds more attraction to this tourist spot.

Desert National Park

Desert national park is not only famous for the vast area it occupies or the sight of the wildlife; it has more things to entertain the visitors. The huge collection of fossils of different animals and plants makes this park a must visit for any tourist. The 6 million years old fossils of dinosaurs makes the park one of the most interesting places on earth. However, the vegetable are a rare find in this gigantic land.

Paam Talao Lake, Milak Lake and Rajbaugh Lake in Desert national park will capture ones heart with the scenic beauty. From the desert sand to the rare species, Desert National Park has something stored for all the visitor.

Desert Camel

Locate Desert National Park

Desert National Park is just 40km away from the city of Jaisalmer. One can hire a cab or avail buses to reach the park.

If you are coming from any other city or country, then you need to reach Jodhpur airport which is the near to the Desert national park.

Desert National Park Entry Fee

Everything has got a price tag. To view such natural beauty you will have to pay only Rs.100 while entering the park. For hiring a car or a jeep, you need to pay Rs.100 more. A coach comes for Rs.200.

Desert National Park Jaisalmer Timings

Desert national park remains open to the tourists from 10a.m to 5p.m. October to March is the best time to plan a trip to Desert national park.

The beauty of Desert National Park will leave you with an everlasting memory. The natural formation, the fossils, the wildlife and the warm desert sand, will make you want to come back to explore more.

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