Different Types Of Birds

Different Bird Together

Different Types Of Birds, Every human being always desires to be a Bird and fly high in the sky without any limitations. Birds are the wonderful creation of God on this planet. Ornithology deals with the study of birds. Various studies conducted on birds had supplemented humans’ knowledge on vague topics like evolution, guilds, instinct, island biogeography, and ecology.

In olden days it was a hobby for many people in the world to observe Birds and this practice is continued in today’s world. Later on it grew as a branch in Zoology and scientific in nature. The study of birds will help us a lot to list out the vulnerable Bird species in the world that in turn provides us an opportunity to save them from getting extinct. Ornithology also assists humans to find the lost puzzles of humans past.

Different Type of Birds

Different Types Of Birds


There are different types of birds in this nature. They create splendid scenes, which our worth capturing in a frame. Many wild photographers follow the migration path of birds, who are so desperate to photo them. This fact reveals what beautiful creatures birds are.

Birds will have seasonal migrations, moving from their places of origin to distant places. This is mainly due to the extreme climatic conditions in their home place; therefore they tend to migrate to those places which are conducive for their survival.

Significance Of Birds

Like every other organism birds too play a significant role in the balancing of ecological cycle. They occupy an important role in a Food Chain and Food Web. Below here are some of the important functions of different types of Birds with respect to environment.                           


Dead animals will be scavenged by Birds like vulture and Eagle. Thus they prevent the spread of diseases and foul smell from spreading in the atmosphere.

Pollinating Agents

Those Birds which feeds on nectar like Sunbird, Humming Bird etc. helps in fertilization of sex cells in flowers.

Raw Material in Fertilizers

Bird droppings are usually used in manufacturing fertilizers there is a nitrogen phosphate at cetera.

Stabilisers in Food Chain

Worm eating Birds like woodpeckers, and what blood helps in curtailing the multiplication of worms and insects. Agricultural fields from infections.

Distributors of Seeds

Sometimes fruits that were written by Birds will not be digested completely. David excrete this remain in some other place which contains the seeds of fruits. Does the help in the growth of trees at different places. Their droppings also enrich the fertility of soil.

Different types of birds Based on beaks

Classification Of Birds – Bird lower classifications

The different types of birds in this world can be divided based on their physical traits all of their physical characters are the result of adaptation to the climate.

Based on skeleton

Most of the flight birds have hollow and lightweight bones. This helps them to fly without any hindrances. Why non flight Birds like Penguin and ostrich have their bones filled with marrow. Those bones help Penguin to stay warm an ostrich through to throw powerful kicks and run faster.

Based on type of beak

Every bird will have beak and its size usually depends upon the type of food it consumes. Fat meat eating Birds like vulture, oh, geeks will be longer with sharp edges. While Ducks and Geese will have flat beaks.

Based on wings

Irrespective flight capability every bird will have wings. Wings vary from narrow and short pages ones of Falcon to Wild Wings of albatrosses.

Varieties of birds in India

There are large varieties of native birth in India in addition to this there are different types of birds that migrate to India from faraway places during particular seasons. The following are some of the famous varieties of birds in Indian subcontinent.

  1. Peacock
  2. Satire Tragopan – This is a native of great Himalayas in India and Tibet.
  3. Sarus Crane – This is the largest crane in India. It is mostly found on the banks of Godavari River in South India.

The following are some of the migratory birds to India Asiatic Sparrow hawk, Harriers, Falcon, Osprey, Bluethroat, Pacific Golden Plover, and Greater Flamingo.

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