Different Types Of Trees


Different Types Of Trees – Trees play an important role in maintaining the balance of ecological cycle in environment. They are considered as “Lungs of Earth “, because they intake carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Thus they are an important tool at the disposal of humans in order to mitigate Global warming and other environmental hazards. They check the running water from carrying away sand, thereby preventing fertile lands from turning into arable lands.

Their existence is mandatory for the survival of living things on earth, since they are primary producers in a food chain. Even the dead remains of trees help in enriching the fertility of soil.

Different Types of Trees

There aren’t any particular scientific classifications of trees. However they can be divided based on the uses with respect to humans.

Neem Tree

Medicinal Trees

Almost many trees are used in making of medicines. Prove to be very effective in curing many diseases. Some of the trees which are used to cure diseases all listed below.

  1. Neem tree – it is mostly used to cure chicken pox and various other diseases associated with skin disorder.
  2. Amla – it is used in the treatment of diabetes, hyperacidity et cetera.
  3. Peepal tree – all medicated with its leaves is used as ear drops.
  4. Bargad – paste of its roots is applied to head for long and healthy hair.
Mango Tree

Trees Based On Fruits

There are different types of trees producing different types of fruit. Below is a list of some of the famous trees and their fruits.  

  1. Mango tree – Mango
  2. Banana tree – Banana
  3. Guava tree – Guava
  4. Jackfruit tree – Jackfruit
Tree Type

Trees Used in Furniture

Below are some of the different types of trees whose wood is mainly used in making furniture.

  1. Rosewood tree – Rosewood
  2. Sandalwood tree  – Sandalwood
  3. Sal tree – Sal wood
  4. Banyan tree- Banyan wood

Uses of trees

There are numerous uses of different types of trees both economically and ecologically.

Economically please provide fruits and flowers to human being. In addition to this they provide wood which is the figure of many industries in the world.

Wood from trees is mainly used in making furniture and manufacturing paper. Along with those things, it is also used in making perfume and medicine.

Ecological importance

  • They help in balancing Ecology cycle.
  • They purify the polluted air in the environment and improve the quality.
  • They check running water and prevent soil erosion.
  • They provide shade to those plants which doesn’t required excessive and direct sunlight.
  • They help in enriching the humus content in the soil and play an active part in nitrogen fixation.
  • They minimize the effect of global warming.
  • They act as Natural windbreakers and prevent Bean from vulnerable plant like banana tree from getting destroyed.

Effects of Afforestation and Deforestation With Respect to Industrialization

In the recent years there was a massive destruction of forest cover. This is mainly because of the ever increasing population and their needs. Trees are being cut by humans mercilessly forgetting the fact that we are the most vulnerable to its negative consequences.

Therefore many governments along with NGO’s adopted the concept of afforestation i.e.  bringing of more new land area under forest cover. This approach can be advantageous both economically and ecologically to industries in the long run.

Afforestation helps in reducing the air pollution which is caused by industries and reduces burden on investing in pollution control machines. Therefore, it is imperative for industries to encourage afforestation and simultaneously reduce the rate of deforestation.


There are different types of trees in the environment, each one having its unique role to perform. It is the responsibility of people to save them from extinction, in order to enjoy a sustainable future To realize this goal we need to adopt and execute the policy of “ Reuse, Reduce and Recycle ” of paper and furniture, this will eventually lead to decrease in pressure over forests.

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