Digital India Essay – Short Essay

Digital India essay

Digital India Essay, Recently a campaign was launched by the Government of India, Digital India that guarantees that all the Government services are available to the citizens of India electronically.

A remarkable progress has been witnessed in the online platform and the technological grounds so that the country is digitally empowered through internet connectivity. This initiative was launched on 1st of July in 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Digital India scheme aims to connect all the rural areas of the country with prompt internet connections. There are three core cogs that build up the Digital Marketing. They are:

  •    The creation of digital infrastructure
  •    Delivery of services digitally
  •    Digital literacy

According to the Indian Government, the Digital India Programme would help them create jobs for about 18 lakhs people and will bring an investment of approximately Rs. 4.5 lack crore. Through this two-way platform program, the government will monitor the benefits for both the service providers and the customers. The Digital India Advisory board manages and supervises the scheme and is lead by profound IT and India’s Ministry of Communications.

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Key Visions of Digital India Essay in English

  • Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen

Digital India aims that the availability of high-speed internet will deliver better services to the citizens. The digital identification of every citizen will be unique and will be authentic as long as they live. The Digital India has made mobile bank accounting easy, which has increased the participation of the mass in this initiative. It is now easier to access the Digital India scheme as a Common Service Centre has been provided on a public cloud, where one can share the private information. The cloud is safe and secure from any cyber-crime.

  • Governance & Services on Demand

This scheme has impeccably incorporated services across departments or jurisdictions in the country. The availability of services in real time has increased from both the online and mobile platforms.  Digital India has made it possible that all the prerogatives of the citizen are portable and available on the public cloud that has been created. The Digitally transformed services are also beneficial for improving the ease of business. Digital platform has made the financial transactions for electric and other services cashless. This has also supported the Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) for making better decision support system and development.

  • Digital Empowerment of Citizens

Digitally transformed India is supposed to be more literate. The resources of Digital India are globally accessible. The availability of the digital services and resources are present in several Indian languages. To aid in proper governance, Digital India has no alternative. The citizens no longer have to submit any documents or certificates physically; they can do it easily through online, using their internet connections.

Objectives of Digital India Essay

The Indian Government through the Digital India scheme is looking forward to bring massive revolutions in the country. They are looking for the overall benefit of the Indian citizen so that even the rural people face no difficulties in enjoying their rights. Listed below are the objectives that according to the government will function soon:

  • According to the Government of India in all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats, this scheme would lay national optical fiber network. The government intends to provide nationwide information Infrastructure through the Digital India Platform by early 2017.
  • Through e-Governance with payment gateway, UIDAI, EDI and mobile platforms, Digital India project aims to augment the processes and delivery of different government services. It also proposes to deliver the school certificates, voter ID cards, and other important certificates and documents online.
  • Digital India also aims to provide internet services to approximately 2.5 lakh villages by the end of March 2017 and about 1.5 lakh post offices within the next two years.
  • The Digital India program also aims to provide electronic services to people. They have launched a service called e-Kranti service that will provide services associated with education, health, farmers, security, justice and financial dealings.
  • Indian Government aspires to augment network penetration and mobile connectivity in all villages by 2018 through the Digital India scheme.
  • The Indian Government is now focusing on zero imports of electronics by setting up medical and consumer electronics, micro ATMs, mobile and smart energy meters as a part of the drive.
  • In all the universities, the Digital India initiative has encouraged developing Wi-Fi facilities across the country for the benefits of the students. According to the Digital India program, e-mail would be made the main mode of communication between the teachers and students and the other staffs.
  • The Indian Government is hosting data online in order to make all information easily accessible to every citizen of the country.
  • The most important initiative of Digital India is establishing BPO sectors in the North-Eastern States. According to the Government of India by 2020 around 1 crore students from villages and small towns would be trained suitable for the IT sectors.
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