Diwali Festival In India

Friends, we all know very well that the festivals are an integral part of human life, only then somewhere in the world , a country where no one passes by without festival . festivals in India abounds in our country and why not ? The festival, which only made it easier purification of both internal and external switch, to spread the message of love and peace of mind to restore to activate Karmshilta .
In fact, many festivals are celebrated in our country -Some “religious” Makar-Sankranti eg, Shiva-night, Holly, Ram-Nava, Guru-Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Eid, Ganesh festival, Navratri, Dussehra, get de, Chhath Puja, Diwali, Goverdhan Puja, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas or Bradin . Some other national festivals namely the whole nation celebrates together; Like – Republic Day, Independence Day, October namely Bapu ji and Indians “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan ‘slogan that our former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Birthday, Dakambedkr Jubilee, Jubilee and Sardar Patel Child-Day . relating to certain crops such as Vaisakhi Punjab, Assam and South Indian bihu Onam etc..
Tyohoron seasons related to the discussion of the Punjab “Lohri”, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, the “greening Teej ‘ ‘and Bengal and celebrated in many territories “spring” or “Muse-worship” most remarkable . Our country with diversities “unity in diversity” is a country so irrespective of whether the other also several provincial festival community Specifically, strain, season-specific or relative Dharm–if only there is a common objective -isn’t those memories and celebrate the joy of camaraderie as well as enhancing its culture and civilization are nourished .
 Commemorative rituals at the foundation of our future generations that our festival has contributed to keeping , Not only them, but also associated with a significant component of fasting and fasting are also God-worship .
Friends, a few days later, one of India’s most important festivals, “Diwali” will celebrate. By the grace of God for all of you to be auspicious festival!
Diwali commemorates our heart healthy, happy mind, calm the mind, heal the body and ego … “zero” -aesi be the same persuasion modestly Lord Sri Rama in the viz , celebrate this holy feast is followed by a very proud history , say Treta Yuga king of Ayodhya; The eldest son of King Dasaratha, who worlds’ ethos Purushottam Sri Ram “in the name knows when the father of the promise-fulfillment by completing fourteen years exile to Ayodhya with his wife Sita-law and younger brother Lakshman returned to city residents welcomed them For, to display their joy and light to fill the moonless night was burning ghee lamp .
In addition, thea  king of Lanka Ravan between exile of Rama Sita G. Barya taken away took them Lanka and then Hanuman, Angad, Sugriva, Jamwant and great apes on the sea bridge-building with the support of the army, and invaded Lanka tyrant as he slew Ravana was established religion and the human race itself conveyed the message that ” No matter how much terror still have to try to take the head end is fixed , “and” There is enormous good over evil forever . “Dussehra is celebrated every year in the memory of the” Victory Dashmi “and is also known by the name of Almost twenty days after Dussehra ,Diwali falls .

This festival of India in almost all provinces with the utmost enthusiasm on moon of Kartik month, is celebrated for three days . moon two days before, Tryodshi ‘Dhanteras’ is celebrated as , homes on hygiene and sanitation Special attention is given . Actually, the day was Lord Dhanvantri ji Pragty give everyone health, but over time the day , buying new dishes, gold, silver etc.  Then, the next day chaturdasi – “Hell-chaturdasi ‘or little is known of Diwali , say that on this day Lord Krishna killed the demon named Nrkasur . Deep in the three day-night are lit . on Diwali Laxmi and Ganesh Ji  is worshiped with great devotion and faith . Btashon varied cuisine and nail is put them enjoyment . Everyone wears new clothes , well-run burst , relatives and friends give good-wishes and gifts and eat sweets .

Diwali night “black worship” is also used and the nightly “Mahanisha” called . many people at any one time around midnight or half hour non-stop chanting of mantra which is considered to be extremely Punykari . Diwali Liturgy merchant initiates new books and their shops, factories, offices, etc. also organize plutocratry , share other sweets . a matter of utmost importance Diwali is the second lamp from the lamp is lit and the message is automatically broadcast the “holdings kindles the fire, let’s shed the Ganges of love”.
Even though the festival is celebrated all over India as the most gorgeous yet is only unique beauty of Diwali in Gujarat . four days before Diwali; By the beginning of Ekadashi, two days after Diwali . Diwali to light that is brother-dooj every home, street, intersection remain lit , dish may be constructed so that as the mother Annapurna their stores are only opened . Color -birngi ‘rangoli’ adorn every door identifies four moon . Flowers, mango, or Ashoka leaves pylons, the main gate of the houses are decorated . crackers are great abundance . Diwali next day from “New Year “is celebrated as all are getting a second residence | has to be remembered that before sunrise on the day of the New Year in the streets selling salt makes the” Barkat “called it, and he bought everyone salt . If , The following day, “Baiduj” festival is celebrated , tilak on the forehead of her brother by the sister prays for his safety . The festival takes place in the north of the great faith and the festival “Bhaiduj ” Also known by the name “Bhau-Beej ” .
In Tamil Nadu, the festival of Diwali is celebrated with different but unique ways , here instead moon “hell-chaturdasi” day, in the joy of the death of Lord Krishna Nrkasur by local people celebrate Diwali . People, the day Large Waking up to Brhmmurt enthusiastically, oil massage, Snanoprant visiting temples to worship grand . New wear a special significance this day . the first bath, and then the head of the household, the new garments which that already are held in places of worship for home purchase, home to all the other members so that they can hold them . as in other provinces, at the festival in their homes Neither Lakshmi Puja diyas or candles lit and is not to be the only tradition , is full of dishes and each gate was made from rice flour, rangoli extreme mood .
 Deepavali means row of lamps. Diwali term ‘Deep’ and ‘Avli’ is composed of the Treaty. Avli that line. Thus the word Deepavali means row of lamps. To be held in India in the festivals of Diwali is highly valued in terms of both social and religious. It also called Deepotsv. “Ma jyotirgamaya Tmso ie ‘that light travels to the light from the darkness.
Deep burn or stories are different reasons behind the practice. According to Hindu beliefs Karthik Ram devotees of Lord Sri Ramchandrji fourteen year exile of the moon, cut and returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravnadi Asuri practices symbol.
The festival was celebrated by lighting Ayodhya  on the accassion . Therefore, Hindu Diwali is one of the major festivals. Krishna Bktidhara people of the opinion that this day Lord Krishna killed the tyrannical king Nrkasur. The brutal slaughter of monsters spread in public and happiness full of delighted people burning ghee lamp. According to a legend, the Narasimha as Vinshnu Dharnkr Hiranyakashyap killed and the same day after Smudramnthn Lakshmi and Dnwantri appeared.
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