Durga Mata

Maa Durga is a powerful Goddess who was created with a sole purpose of defeating the demons. Durga fights evil. As soon as the Devi was fully formed, the Immortals prayed to her and worshiped her with praise, ornaments and weapons. Pictures depict her with ten hands, each carrying a weapon.

Durga Mata White Background
  1. The trishul (trident), Gifted to Durga Mata by Lord Shiva, signifies three qualities – Sattva (inactivity), Rajas (activity), Tamas (non-activity). Goddess Durga has the power to control all the three qualities in the devotees. She uses the trident to slay the demons.
  2. The bow and arrow signifies two kinds of energies – potential and kinetic. Maa Durga holds both these things in one hand, which signifies that she is controlling all the energies of the world. It was gifted to her by the Lords Vayu and Surya.
  3. Gifted by Lord Varuna, Conch is the symbol of the sacred sound ‘Om’. It was the sound produced when the universe was first created. It has the power to destroy all the negative energies in the surroundings.
  4. Brahma gifted her lotus which signifies humility. It teaches us to stay truthful to our spiritual quest without giving in to worldly pleasures. It symbolises liberation through knowledge and wisdom.
  5. Thunderbolt gifted by Indra teaches us to stay completely focused while destroying our enemies – just like a thunderbolt.
  6. Sudarshana chakra by Shri Vishnu, beautiful discus which spins around Maa Durga’s index finger signifies that the entire world is at her command. It symbolises the time. She mercilessly uses this to destroy evil and lets good prevail all over the world.
  7. Maa Durga is also seen carrying a sword in her hand, gifted by Lord Kala, signifies the quest of knowledge that cuts through darkness and shines.
  8. Maa Durga received an axe and an armour from Lord Vishvakarma. It signifies no fear of consequences when fighting the evil.
  9. Kamandalam, Given to Maa Durga by Lord Brahma, it represents amrita (water) the elixir of life. It signifies that Maa Durga is the elixir of all life on earth.
  10. Lord Agni gave her a spear. It was the weapon primarily used to defeat Mahishasura. It signifies the hidden power of humans to overcome all obstacles in life.!

Durga Mata Aarti, Chalisa & Stotram

Shri Durga Chalisa : श्री दुर्गा चालीसा

Durga Kavach in Gujarati | શ્રી દુર્ગા કવચ

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Durga Mata Photos

Durga Maa Photos

Durga Mata Photos

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