Essay on Books


Essay On Books – “A book is a true companion that a man ever meets in his lifetime on this Earth”, these words denotes that a book supports a person throughout his life guiding him during tough times. Books can be considered as the storehouses of knowledge, where every kind of books irrespective of genre sheds some wisdom and enriches our knowledge. Therefore books can be considered as virtual teachers for Human beings. The power of a book can be explained with the help of Megasthenes book- Indica, which inspired a lot of European adventurers to set their sails to discover new lands. And those very discoveries had completely changed the fabric of world functioning, where the later developments had turned this vast globe into a on village.

Essay On Books

Importance of Books

Books help us to resolve our problems in every sphere of our life. They stand as sources of inspiration to us, when we are completely down. Even to till date the Homer’s tales inspires children to dream big and realise them. They just don’t guide us instead they’ll stand next to us at all times till we reach our goal. “A good book is worth than 100 bad friends”, after our parents only books can be regarded as our closest ones which always wish for our success.

Book Reading

Books not only provides us with pleasure or entertain us, they equip us with the most essential skill that we need to reach our dreams. Books help us to widen our outlook towards our society, life and other aspects.

Fairy tales and other popular stories that a person read during his childhood will emulate his imaginary level to a higher level. They are the best choices to any parent to inculcate his child with morals and other good principles.

Sometimes it is not enough to get updated with current events. We need to learn its past in order to visualise holistic picture, during such cases books will come in handy. They completely provide us with whatever information we are looking for.

Various Types of Books

There a vast number of genres in Books ranging from personal accounts to works on scientific discoveries. Whatsoever the book is at the end of the day every book tries to make us to  approach and view this world in a different angle.Books can be broadly divided into two categories i.e Fiction and Nonfiction. Further they can be classified as follows-


  • Auto-Biographies– These books are the life accounts of authors penned down by themselves. Some of the examples are “A long walk to Freedom” – Nelson Mandela, “Discovery of India”- Jawaharlal Nehru, “The story of my experiments with truth”- M.K Gandhi etc. All of these books are the stories of legends who fought for the cause of humanity. Therefore they imbibe readers with high morals and good means that they need to follow in their future.
  • Travelogues– These books deal with the experiences of authors in their extensive travels. More recently they are gaining popularity among readers, since they offer us to meet new people, places, culture, lifestyle, nature in a virtual world. Some of the famous travelogues in the world are “InTo The Wild”- John Krakauer, “Travels WIth Charley ”- John Steinbeck etc.
  • Academic Books– Such books are mainly designed to supplement our knowledge rather than for amusement or pleasure. They are written by those people who gained enough experience in their field of work. These books may be related to any stream like Arts, Science, Medicine, Fine Arts, Sports etc.
  • Religious Books– These books considered as the holiest means for any devotee to attain salvation. Every religion has got its own book, for example Quran-Muslims, Bible-Christians, Adi Granth- Sikhs, Bhagavad Gita- HInduism, Zend Avesta- Parsis etc.


These books are associated with imaginary stories that an author visualises and turns them into words and ultimately into books. There are a number of genres within this category like Horror, Thriller, Romantic, Fairy Tales, Tragedy etc.

Book is My Best Friend

There is no friend as loyal as a Book”- Ernest Hemingway, If there is anything on this earth which every Human being will enjoy it as a best friend, then undoubtedly it is nothing other than a Book. A book is true friend which gives us an opportunity to explore the this vast universe. Every reader will immerse in a book while reading, this can be compared with the best time that we will have with our friends where time doesn’t matter at all. Similar to a friend it shows us the distinction between good and bad and helps us to reach our dreams.

Book Collection

Advantages of Reading Books

There are innumerable advantages associated with reading books. Those benefits would surely cannot be provided by other means. The following are some of the advantages of Books-

  1. Enriches our wisdom.
  2. Provides pleasure and relieves us from stress.
  3. Shows us the right path towards our goal.
  4. Helps us in determining our way of life completely.
  5. Helps us to strengthen our memory power.
  6. Stimulates our visualisation power and problem solving power.
  7. With every book we read, we befriend a new set of words.
  8. Provides an exposure to new and dynamic ideas.

Famous Books in The World

There are a number of books in this world which made a great impact of human lives even to this day. The list is so exhausting and doesn’t even fit here. However here is a list of some renowned books in this world and their authors that a person needs to read before leaving this planet.

  1. Ulysses by James Joyce
  2. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  3. The Odyssey by Homer
  4. Native son by Richard  Wright
  5. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  6. The long walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela
  7. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald
  8. A good man is hard to find by Flannery O’Connor
  9. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
  10. Tell me a Story by Tillie Olsen


A room without books is like a body without a soul. Similarly a life without a book will be an incomplete one in terms of satisfaction, knowledge etc. If we cannot enjoy a book while reading it there is no point in reading. We need to get lost in the world of words where everything seems so close to us, we should be able to appreciate author’s labour. And the bottom line is don’t stick to a few books alone specially your academic ones. Reading those books may help you to get through your exams but they are in no way helpful to you in becoming a successful person in life.

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