Essay on Christmas

Merry Christmas

Essay On Christmas – Christmas is the famous festival of Christian which is celebrated in the memory of Jesus Christ who was consider as son of god and every person love him and adore him like god, and Christmas day celebrated as birthday of god Jesus Christ on every year 25th December. Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness and the day of re-memorised the Jesus Christ. It is most favourite occasion of children because of Santa Claus. Children believe that Santa Claus will come to their home on the night of Christmas and distributes lots of gifts to children and fulfill their wishes. In many countries Christmas is celebrated with gracefully with decoration of houses and famous Christmas tree.

Essay On Christmas

History And Importance Of Christmas

Christmas is a religious celebration and celebrated with grace and charm in the memory of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus was a spiritual teacher and gave the message of love and peace to world and his followers. Nobody knows what the real date of Jesus birth day was but the place was called Jerusalem. In holy book Bible also has no date given of birth, so there are still many arguments about that in experts but Christian tradition tells the story about Jesus birth that when his mother Mary comes to know that she would have a boy with spiritual power that was the day of 25th March, then after nine months means right on 25th December was the birthday of Jesus so this can be the one reason of Christmas day. In the year 336, 25th December was the day when Christmas has celebrated first time in the rule of Roman emperors, but after some years Pope has declared 25th December as the day of Jesus birth officially.

Merry Christmas Message

Christmas has a lot of importance in many countries. People exchange gifts with each other, decorate Christmas trees with sparks and lightning, go to church, and share meals with each other and children waits for Santa claus to arrive own home with lots of gifts. In United States 25th December has been an official holiday from 1870.  

Essay On Christmas – How Christmas Is Celebrated

Christmas is the important and dominant festivals for Christians, but the people which are non Christian also become a part of this. Feasts, prays, decoration, and gifts all are the part of Christmas. In every corner of world people have different ideas and rituals about celebrating Christmas. You will find every country has its own tradition and thinking about Christmas celebration but still it is an important aspect of their lives. Let’s take a look that how generally Christmas celebrated:

  • In Philippines, Christmas is celebrated with Giant Lantern which looks beautiful and full with color. The lanterns are considered as the symbols of inner light.
  1. People decorate a tree with lots of lights and sparking and toys.
  2. People wish each other Merry Christmas and embrace each other.
  3. People sing the Christmas song which is also called Christmas carol and the song based on Christmas theme included festival.
  4. Children waits for Santa Clause, the person with red and white attire with long white beard will come and bring lots of gifts for them, but sometime family members’ plays the role of Santa Claus for cheering their children.
  5. Christmas is the holiday in many countries so people normally stay in their house.
  6. Christmas cake is also very popular for feast.
  7. People invite each other in their home for dinner.
  8. People go to church and offer prayer.
Merry Christmas Message

Essay On Christmas- Santa Comes On Christmas

Behind Santa claus there is a legend of great saint called St. Nicholas who was born in 280 AD in Myra (Turkey). It is believed that St. Nicholas belongs to very rich family and he has a great sympathy for poor people, so later on he donated his all wealth and money to poor people and one of his stories which is famous that St. Nicholas saved three girls from being slaved deliberately by their parents. Over many years because of his work of help and savior he become popular in many places and being known as the savior of sailors and children. And that is the same man who comes on Christmas night for children happiness and fulfills their wishes. “Sinterklaas” is the short name of St. Nicholas, that’s why he called Santa Clause.  

  • Santa Claus is traditional legend who comes on 25th December for children.
  • He wears red and white clothes with hat, and black shoes and having long, white beard.
  • Santa comes in his Sleigh which is pulled by reindeers and there are many ring bells hangs on Santa sleigh.
  • Santa brings lots of gifts for children and tries to fulfill their wishes.   

What is Good Friday? What is Easter Sunday?

Good Friday

Good Friday or Holy Friday is the day which comes before Easter Sunday, and it is the day of crucifixion of Christ and his death at Calvary. On Good Friday we memorized Jesus sacrificed for other people’s sins, and his great love and sympathy towards everybody.  

Easter Sunday

Easter is the Greek word which means Pascha in Greek, and Easter is the celebration of Jesus resurrection after third day of his crucifixion. And that was the day of Sunday that’s why it is called Easter Sunday. People celebrate this in the memory of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. And this is very adorable and religious festival for them.

Countries Celebrating Christmas

There are many countries where Christmas is celebrated with enthusiasm and joyously. Near about 160 countries celebrate Christmas, and Christmas is the federal holiday in many countries. There are some of name like: United States, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Spain, Venezuela, India, Ireland, Philippines, Canada

And many major countries included where Christmas celebration is the important festival for everybody.

Essay On Christmas – 10 lines on Christmas festival

Christmas is the festival mainly of Christians but celebrated by many others also in all over world.

  • Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness.
  • Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December in the memory of Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas spreads the message of Jesus to love humanity and non violence.
  • Christmas tree is being decorated by people in their houses with lighting which is the symbol of inner light.
  • Every country celebrates Christmas in own way and according their rituals.
  1. Santa claus who comes to Christmas day at night is the person who was considered as monk.
  2. Santa distributes many gifts to children.
  3. Sometime family members play the role of Santa.
  4. People arrange feasts and go to church for pray on Christmas.
  5. Christmas is the occasion when people get together at one place and share gifts with each other.


Christmas is the occasion of being together and forgets your all of grief and sadness and only thing about your god that he is watching you and always with you as a protector. Christmas spread the message of love and affection and feeling of mercy on everybody even your enemies, that’s what the Jesus said in the end of his last breathe, that” oh Lord please forgive them all, because they don’t know what they are doing”.

Christmas wants you to become kind hearted and forgive all person who did wrong with you, because one day god will punish them for their evil work you don’t need to become a part of their job, invite them all for feast and exchange gifts with them, that’s what the proper meaning of Christmas.

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