Essay on Dogs

Dog Breeds
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Essay On Dogs – Dogs are regarded as the most faithful animal on this planet.  They were the first creatures to be domesticated by primitive man and eventually befriended them. In turn this dogs repaid their masters by assisting them in hunting for their food. Even to till date dogs are the most sought pets in every household. They show unconditional love towards their masters, in return for their care. They are the only creatures on this planet who are matured enough to communicate their true feelings towards humans.

Essay On Dogs

Scientific Name and Importance of Dogs

Technically speaking Dogs belong to Canidae family and their scientific name is Canis Lupus Familiaris. They are carnivores animals and belong to the category of wolves.

Baby Dog

The life of a normal human being became almost inevitable without dogs. To a larger extent every person’s day starts with a walk in pleasant atmosphere along with his dog. Therefore Dogs became an important part of our live. Playing with them during the times of distress can provide us with a great relief. They perform some of the toughest tasks such as tracing the perpetrator by his scent in a crime scene in. Such gigs are almost impossible to human beings even in dreams. Domesticated dogs that we find in normal houses guard the houses of their owners with very great care. Some studies revealed that those children who grew along with dogs in their houses are less vulnerable to skin disorders.

Habitat, Birth and Life span of a Dog

Dogs can be found in almost all the regions of the world ranging freezing temperatures in the Antarctic to the thick Equatorial forests. Like other animals of today’s world they adapted themselves to the changing climatic conditions and evolved to today’s form. Apart from natural habitats we can find domesticated dogs in our houses, where sufficient care and attention is paid towards them. In turn such atmosphere makes it conducive for them to live.

A Dog’s gestation period is around 58-68 days. The dog’s temperature will fall abnormally during the time of conceiving. There are totally three stages involved in the dog’s birth. During the first stage uterine contraction takes place and dogs exhibits the signs of nausea, anxiety, nervousness etc. In the second stage complete cervical dilation takes place where baby puppies start coming out of her stomach. On an average for every 30 minutes a puppy will be born. The new born baby will be completely enveloped by a bag like thing called fetal sac. In the final stage mother removes that fetal sac from her baby and severs the umbilical cord. It continues to lick her baby till it is actively moving around. The average lifespan of a dog is 10 – 13 years.


Varieties of Dogs

There are a number of dog breeds in this world which are distinct from one another in physical characteristics. Their physical traits are mainly determined by the type of climate of they usually lives. For example dogs in the Arctic region like Alaskan Malamute have thick skin in order to withstand the freezing temperatures. There are nearly 360 Dog breeds in this world and the following are some of the famous ones –

1.) Afghan Hound
2.) American Eskimo Dog
3.) Australian Terrier
4.) Bearded Collie
5.) Basset Hound
6.) Bichon Frise
7.) Black and Tan Coonhound
8.) Bullmastiff
9.) Dalmatian
10) Dachshund
11.) Finnish Lapphund
12.) German Shepherd
13.) Pocket Beagle
14.) Samoyed
15.) Toy Fox Terrier

Special Features of Dogs

Dogs are blessed with great traits like good vision, smelling and hearing capacities. Dogs can hear sounds ranging from 67 Hertz to 44 Kilo Hertz. Dogs vision power is greater during the night time, where their larger pupil allows provides more space for light. Thus they can view the objects much better than humans in a low-light vision. Because of all these qualities they were taken as aid by man in his hunting expeditions in Forest.Their (Dog Sled) beastly strength turned them as the transporters. Since ages they are used as material and man drawers in cold regions. The most common dogs used for transport are Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies.

Dog-My Favorite Animal

Dogs are the most lovable ones of all the pets. It is mainly because of their closeness and affection exhibited by them towards their owners. Therefore they are the most sought pets. They are no less than a true friend, who withers away all our tension when we are under intense pressure. It remains faithful towards its owner till its last breath. These very unique quality of theirs make them the most beloved animal to Human Beings.


“If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons “ – James Thurber. These words clearly depict the unconditional love of dogs towards their owners and vice versa. Dogs can’t be replaced either with any animals nor any robots. They will remain as man’s best friend till he vanishes from this planet.

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