Essay On Earth – Why To Save Earth?


Essay on Earth – Earth is the home of billions of people. It is believed that earth and the moon have been created the same time. It is also believed that more than 4 billion years ago earth was created. This is the only Planet which is known for the vast liquid supply. It is not the closest planet to the sun, or else life would not have survived here due to excess heat.

Essay on Earth

Earth is rotating 93 million miles from sun, the third closest planet, Venus and Mercury are the closest ones. The earth is called by many The Goldilocks’ Planet. It is just like the story of Goldilocks. She liked the porridge, she found in the bear’s’ house. She liked the way it was cooked, she liked the way it was heated. It was perfect for her taste. Earth is like that too as everything here is just perfect for life to survive.

Essay on Earth – Importance of Earth

Living beings need a proper habitual which would present all the supplies to survive. Food, air and water are the most important elements which everyone needs to survive. All of these elements are present here in the earth. Also, it is full of forest, ocean and deserts. This is the only planet of orbit which enjoys so many variations. Maybe it is due this reason, earth holds the position of most important planet, not only because it is the home of so many living being, but, it is the only planet that has seen the stir of life within itself.

Earth Day

Without this planet, the existence of life would be erased and this is the most important reason to take up the responsibility of saving the earth. It is everyone’s duty to protect the planet that gives accommodation and so many facilities. It gives air, water and food in abundance.However, in exchange people hardly give anything back to the planet. If you take a look around, all you will see is signs of destruction and pollution. No one cares about the planet and its wellbeing.

Essay on Earth – Why is Earth Called As Blue Planet?

Earth is known as many names -blue planet is one of them. Earthlings take the supply of water for granted. They use it without having to care about the water preservation. However, this can be understood as the human body is created mostly with water. Apart from earth no one other planet possesses so much water.

This is the reason, when you take a look at the planet from a distance in the space, it appears to be blue. This appearance has gained earth the name of blue planet. If you dig deeper, you would find that water covers most of the planet’s surface. The water which is available in the earth comes in different forms.

Each type of water comes with different properties. Rain is the purest form of water which can be preserved for various reasons. The water of rivers and lakes can be contaminated with various forms of salt.The largest bodies of water are found in oceans and seas, while rivers and lakes offer comparatively smaller size of water bodies.

Special Characteristics of Planet Earth

Earth is special and it is also different from other planets of the orbits. What is here in the earth cannot be found anywhere else. Life is the most interesting and important characteristic of earth. However, the wonder does not stop there only. There is one fact which everyone needs to consider – earth does not only house life. It houses intelligent life. It houses lives that can think, feel and act. This three dimensional trait of earth’s life makes it special.

Another important fact which everyone needs to remember is the elements that are available in the earth. Everything is perfect here for life and its growth. No one other planet offers so many features together which would bring up life. This is the reason, no other planet houses life the way earth does. This aspect makes earth special for everyone. Earth enjoys a lot of things from external planets as well. It enjoys a benevolent moon which shines down and helps life to prosper. It enjoys the right warmth of sun.

It is not too hot or too cold which would hamper the growth of life. The heat is just perfect where life can prosper without trouble.

Impact of Global Warming/Pollution On Earth

Earth even though houses the most important elements which on other planet has -it is under the threat of extreme damage in the form of pollution and global warming. The change of weather and growing ailments are pointing to the upcoming perils. Global warming is the deadliest problem which the planet is going through. Global warming changes almost everything weather and the way earth is moving.

Weather is not the only thing is under threat due to global warming. The sea level is rising due to the melting glacier. It is happening due to the global warming. With the rising heat, the sea level is slowly rising. The forests, cities and farms suffer from pests, and heat waves. Increased flooding is another problem which the earth suffers from.

It happens due to heavy downpour. However, there are places which face lesser downpour giving birth to hot weather and other problems like serious ailments. Global warming is too big and if the problem is not taken care of right now, it would ruin the entire planet. Due to this people are need to be aware and be educated. They need to know what to do to protect the earth.

Earth different from other planets

Earth is different from other planets and it has been observed over and over again. The life which crawls on the planet is different from life in other planets. The water which is available here, is different from other planets. Therefore, this is a planet which is totally unique and different.


Everything about the earth is not uncovered yet. If you have read the classic novel The Journey to the Center of the Earth, you would wonder what is lying at the center of the planet as human life is residing at the surface only.

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