Essay on Family


Essay on Family – Lucky are the ones who are blessed with a wonderful family to stand beside them at every step of their life. The word family is derived from a Latin word ‘familia’ which denotes the entire household including the servants as well. Though, in today’s world the meaning of family has changed a lot however the value remains the same.

Family is a group of people which most of us acquire from our birth and marriage which includes individuals who are related to us and are our close ones. There can also happen to be extended family which includes uncles, aunts and other relatives to complete the entire family scenario. At some point we all feel bit irritated with our family members, however we cannot deny the fact that family is the only which shares with us our bad times and good times by showering their unconditional love without any expectation in return. Below we will highlight the importance of family point wise to make our above statement more clear.

Essay on Family

Importance of Family

  • Security and Support Nothing can match the support and the security we receive from our family members. Whether we bag a new job or try to get over a bad phase in life, our family is always there to double the happiness and smoothen the hard times. When it comes to any kind fear or insecurity issue, the amount of love and security that we receive from our family is unbeatable.
  • A Permanent Place to Rest Having a family and a home gives us a peace of mind whenever we think no matter where we wander around the world; we have a place to go back. It denotes that we are not alone and our family is always waiting to welcome us with warm smile and hugs.
  • Helps in taking Decisions There are times in life when we have to take some kind of a crucial decision however left baffled about the right decision. Thus comes in our family who helps us in taking the right decision. Our family not only helps us in taking the right decision but also reasons out to us as to why accepting their suggestion is the right move.
  • Personality Shaper Our family helps in defining our personality and makes us the person by which the world knows us. This starts right from the day when we are born by providing us the necessary dose of education and injecting moral values in us which ultimately gives a shape to our personality. Right family value and morals are one of the most important factors which allow us to see the world in a positive way.
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Love, Attachment, Values and Relationships in Family

Family, through its firm and steady steps teaches us the importance of love, attachment, values and relationships. It deeply injects in our heart and mind the importance of these four things which money can never buy for us. Our family teaches us to love and respect others irrespective of that person’s age. It teaches us to develop an emotional attachment with others so that we learn how to care about others. It teaches us the value of relationships inside and outside the family circle, how to respect them and value them at every step of our life. The teachings or the lessons start within the family which inspires us to behave the same way when we step out in the world.

Difference Between Joint Family and Nuclear Family

Family can be broadly classified into two categories, nuclear family and joint family.

  • Nuclear Family: Families in today’s world are mostly of this kind. Nuclear family is those families where the parents along with their children dwell in the house, without the presence of other relatives or cousins. A nuclear family can be big or small; depending upon the number children the parents decides to bring up.
  • Joint Family: Joint family is exactly the opposite of nuclear family. Here, the parents and the children along with the extended family stay under one roof. In such families, they share one dining table and consider having their meals together for most of the times.

Big Family & Small Family

Families can also differ in size and be categorised as big family and small family. When we say big family, both nuclear and joint family comes under this category. Joint families are always big owing to the fact that there happens to be presence of extended family members under one roof. Nuclear family can also be a big family if the parents decide to have more than two children. Alternatively, a small family is only possible for a nuclear family, where the parents decide to have not more than one or two children in their family.


When we have our family by our side, we do not require to feel alone no matter wherever we go or whenever we step in the world. We will always be emotionally backed by a team of people at every step of our life even when there will be a distance. It is the love, support and the encouragement of our family that helps us to rise and stand on our feet even when we go through a deep emotional turmoil.

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