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Farmer Essay

Indian Farmer Essay

A Farmer is an individual who engages in the act of agriculture, growing living organisms for raw materials or food. This particular term is usually applied to an individual who does the activity of growing field crops, vineyards, poultry, and orchards. A farmer may or may not own the land that he uses to grow the crop or work as a laborer owned by other.  But in developed economies, a farmer normally owns the farm. India is a land of rural areas in a majority. Most of the Indian population engages in agriculture for its livelihood. Farmers play an important in the economy of India as it is mainly an agricultural country. The farmer works day and night to meet the food demand of the entire country. He works relentlessly through the tough seasons so as satisfy the hunger of the citizens of the country. The essay on Farmer helps us learn more about farming and the lives of farmers. The condition of the farmers is very poor as compared to the developed countries. Each farmer has a little amount of land so in return they are able to earn a very little amount of money to meet their ends and pay their withheld debts.

Essay on Farmer

No matter how hard they work they end living a very poor life and in houses that barely cover their heads. They wear torn clothes and are undernourished. People who take care of satisfying the hunger of the entire country end up sleeping empty stomach because of the heap of debts on their head. There are ways that the agricultural department must opt for to improve the conditions of the farmers. Some of the ways are as follows:

Proper Education

The essay on Farmer states that farmers are the skeleton of the country; their health and education should be of utmost importance to everyone. It is the most important duty of every governing body to try and improve the condition of the farmers. If they are not educated well then the entire nation ends up suffering. Farmers in India are basically uneducated individuals, who live in a very poor atmosphere. They are incapable of bearing expensive educational fees, so they opt to drop out from schools. It is necessary for every cultivator to know basic knowledge about growing crops efficiently with proper planning or they would end up bearing losses. The essay on Farmer suggests that suitable educational plans are vital to making these individuals take up formal education to learn to farm, which in would be beneficial for them.

Indian farmer Technology

New Methods Of Agriculture

To promote better cultivation, the methodology of cultivation requires a drastic change. The methodology that the Indian farmers opt for is not scientific because they are incapable of cultivating land scientifically. The essay on Farmer reports that they use the traditional way of agriculture where they plough land with oxen or cows, whereas the farmers of western countries use tractors to cultivate land for better results. Those methods do not consume more time and cover a larger amount of land. The essay on Farmer says that they use better manure for soil fertility as compared to the Indian counterparts. Indian farmers normally opt for cow dung as a fertility agent. The fertility of the land is also get affected by their excessive use of pesticides as they have little knowledge about such chemicals.

The farmers of western countries are well equipped with technologies and land to cultivate plenty of crops, whereas the Indian counterparts end up facing issues likes the smaller amount of land and lesser finance.

Alternative Occupational Activities

In India, a farmer is only a farmer for his entire life; he doesn’t indulge in other activities or learn other craft so as to meet the occurrence of emergency situations. There are times when a farmer is left unemployed due to the land infertility during a specific duration of time, so he ends up starving during that time. The essay on Farmer states that a farmer must learn another craft other than farming so that they can feed their families during a crisis.

Indian Farmer

Knowledge of Money Management

Indian farmers have the tendency of spending lavishly at times when they sell their crops and end up being in poor during the remaining time of the year. It is crucial for every farmer to take extra lessons on managing money; they should when to spend what amount money, and how to save money for a crisis.

India is primarily an agri-based country; the propensity of the country depends on the prosperity of the agricultural sector.  This can only be when the condition of the farmers has improved. If the conditions of the farmers are neglected then the well being of the country is neglected. There would a shortage of food crops and the rise in commodity and crops. The conditions of the farmers should be taken care of so that the country becomes self-sufficient.

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