Essay On Football


Essay On Football – Football is the most popular team game in the world. It is played even on streets in South America and Europe.Football team consists of twenty players, eleven each in two teams who need to kick the football in the opponent’s goal post to achieve a point or goal.

Essay On Football

The game is played in a rectangular field with two goal posts on either side belonging to the opposing teams. Out of the eleven players one guards the goal post and tries to deflect the football if it enters the goal area.  Players have to pass the ball in the direction of the opponent’s posts until one of their team members kick the ball into the Goal post.The players have to use only their legs, in some cases the head, to score a goal. There is a time limit to play at the end of which the winner is decided.  The time allotted totally is one and half hour which is divided into two halves 45 minutes each. There is a short break for player to regroup.  

The team which has scored the most goals after the stipulated time is the winner

Types of football are as follows

  1. Association football also called soccer
  2. Gridiron Football
  3. Australian rules football
  4. Rugby football and
  5. Gaelic football.

Origin and History of football

Origin of Football is traced to ancient Greek game-Episkyros and Romans game-Harpastum  of yore.  It is also traced to Cuju game of Chinese and Japanese game Kemari of 2nd and 3rd century.  

In 1863 Rugby branched away and a new “Football Association”, the governing body of Football was formed in England.  

Significance of football – Essay On Football

Football’s significance is ascertained from the following:

  • Football is a team game and all the eleven players have to co-ordinate and cooperate with each other to achieve the team’s goal of winning.  Even if a single person does a mistake, the team has to pay for it.  Team attributes like discipline, character, sacrifice, courage and team spirit are learned by playing this game.  
  • Football requires lot of energy and the youth are benefitted by playing this game.  Football can be played as an exercise of both body and mind.
  • This game is played by many countries around the world.  While playing and intermingling with others, players learn to understand different cultures, perceptions and opinions and they will become broad-minded.
Football Player

What is FIFA, brief on it

FIFA refers to the “Federation Internationale de Football Association” founded in Paris on May 21 1904.  The representatives of the following countries were present when the foundation act was signed:

  1. Denmark
  2. France
  3. Netherlands
  4. Switzerland
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Sweden

FIFA statues were laid down; playing rules, recognitions of associations and inter-association rules were made.  An annual fee was to be paid by all the member nations.  Plans for international competitions were already on the anvil.  The regulations were implemented from 1st September 1904.  

Presently, there are about 211 member nations in FIFA’s fold.  Food ball rules are decided by Football Association Board.  But competitions and promotions are carried out by FIFA. Football World cup was commenced by FIFA for men in 1930 and women in 1991.Cash reserves of FIFA in 2013 amounted to 72 million.   The earnings of FIFA in the same year in form of revenue was 1.3 billion US dollars and the profit amounted to 72 million.  

Countries with football as their national sport

Cricket is national game to some countries while hockey is the national game of India The countries with football as their national sport include Haiti, Hungary, Italy, Mauritius, Poland and Spain.

Terminologies used in football

Some terms used in Football are as under

  1. Attacker: is one of the players who kick the ball towards the net for a chance of a goal.
  2. Back Pass: This is a pass made by a player towards his own goal where his team’s goal keeper is standing.  This defensive technique is carried out to start the procedure of passing again.
  3. Ball carrier: The person who has the ball at any time of play is called a ball carrier.
  4. Bending the ball: Everybody must have heard the phrase “bend it like Beckham”.  Bending the ball in Football terminology means kicking the ball off-centre where the balls takes a curveous route and is nearer to the goal post for scoring.
  5. Bicycle kick:  For this maneuver player kicks the ball by jumping in a back flip motion over his head into a goal.
  6. Centre spot: is the centre spot from where the match starts.
  7. Confederation: is the association formed for football in a particular region.
  8. Corner kick:  This is a free kick taken from the corner where the ball went out of the play area.  This is an opportunity for scoring as it is very near the goal post.
  9. Defender:  A player who defends his goal by stopping the attacking players of the opposing team.
  10. Dribble: Dribbling is keeping the ball with self even when running
  11. Foul:  an action by players that does not follow the rules.
  12. Futsal:  Futsal is indoor football
  13. Goal kick: This is awarded to the defending team if the attacking player plays the ball over the goal line.  
  14. Goal Line: is the line of boundaries on each side.
  15. Header:  Sometimes players pass or control the football with their head.  This is called header.
  16. Kickoff: Kickoffs occur at the start of play from the centre spot of the field
  17. Mid fielder: The players of this position link the attackers and defenders of their team.
  18. Penalty:  A penalty kick is given to an opposite team when a foul is committed.  
  19. Red card: is given when a player commits three continuous actions against rules of play. This means the player is out of play in that match and no substitute can be sent in to play in his place.  Meaning the team should play with only 10 players.
  20. Referee: Is in charge of the game in progress.
  21. Striker:  A player in attacking mode whose play should culminate in a goal.
  22. Sweeper:  is the last line of defence before the attacker reaches the goal keeper and goal post.
  23. Tackle:  Taking control of ball by foot from an opponent.
  24. Volley: Kicking the ball in mid-air
  25. Wingers are attackers who play on either side/wings of the field.
  26. Yellow card: A yellow card is shown by the referee to a player when a minor breach occurs.  

Famous football players in the world

Some of the famous football players are as follows:


Pele is a Brazilian footballer who has helped his country win the world cup three times.  He has scored more than 1000 goals in his career.  Pele was good at shooting, dribbling, defending, passing and heading.

Diego Maradona

Maradona is an Argentinean player who was instrumental in getting the world cup for his nation in 1986.  Maradona is considered a great player because he could lift up a game on his own and win even if he was a member of average football teams.

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff gave great passes, was good at dribbling and could suddenly change the direction of a ball. He was a champion of Netherlands twice and helped his country win European cup 3 times.

Franz beckenbauer

He was a defender but scored 60 goals in his 427 appearances. He helped Germany win World cup in 1974.

Alfredo Di Stefano

He played for Real Madrid club in the period 1950-60. He could play at any position in the ground.


Ronaldo is a player of late nineties and has won world cup for his country in 2002.  He holds the record for the most world cup goals in the world.


Zinedine Zidane won FIFA world player of the year 3 times and helped win world cup for France in 1998.  

Other great players include Ferenc Puskas, Garrincha and Eusebio.


Playing football is good for body and mind.  This game can be played at school and college levels to remain fit.  It is a source of entertainment and excitement to spectators as well. Team spirit and other traits associated with it is also developed.

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