An Essay on Global Warming – Causes, Effects and Solution

Essay on Global Warming

It is expected to experience scarcity of natural resources within very few centuries of earth, for which most of the reason will be man made negligence. It is known that natural resources are getting consumed in high quantities that will leave no clue of their existence to next generations. In order to avoid these disasters there are some important precautions to be followed by human cycle. This essay on global warming provides you an overview of reasons, effects and precautions associated with Global Warming.

What is Global Warming?

The average surface temperature of the Earth increases because of greenhouse gases like the emissions of carbon dioxide from deforestation or from burning fossil fuels. These carbon dioxide emissions trap the heat that escapes from the Earth. This is a kind of greenhouse effect. This essay on global warming describes the causes, effects of global warming and also the states the solution for its prevention.

The temperature of the Earth is maintained at a safe level making it possible for various life forms including humans to exist. The greenhouse effect has been increased significantly due to the human activities since the Industrial Revolution causing the average temperature of the Earth to increase almost by 1 degree centigrade. Global warming is created by this today.

A long series of international studies and scientific research has shown that the increase in overall temperatures is because of the greenhouse gases by the activities of humans. Many places around the world are affected by global warming. It is highly enhancing the melting of glaciers, permafrost and ice sheets which is causing the rise in average sea levels.

In many different places, it is also changing the weather patterns and precipitation making few places dryer increasing the periods of drought and at the same time, making others wetter with increased flooding and stronger storms. The human society as well as the nature have been affected by these changes and will have even worse effects if the emissions of greenhouse gases continue to enhance in the same way.

Essay on Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

This section of essay on global warming summarizes the various causes of global warming. The increment in the quantity of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere produced by the activities of humans like the deforestation or the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of global warming. Global warming is caused by the emissions of large amounts of greenhouse gases produced by these activities.

Due to the balance of the major kinds of greenhouse gases, the natural greenhouse effect exists. In the air, if high levels of these gases get accumulated, more heat gets trapped and this leads to the increment of greenhouse effect.

greenhouse gas emissions

The Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and the Increased Greenhouse Effect

  • The majority of emissions of the man-made carbon dioxide is from the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal so that the human beings can power numerous machinery and vehicles and generate electricity. The other significant sources come from industry and land-use changes.
  • Due to the landfills, rice farming and livestock and during the production and usage of fossil fuels, the methane is created by humans.
  • Due to the livestock manure management, fossil fuel combustion and due to the usage of synthetic fertilizers for agriculture, the Nitrous oxide emissions are caused.
  • The Flourinated gases are mainly utilized in manufacturing applications, cooling and refrigeration.


  • Deforestation is when humans clear or remove huge areas of forest lands and the ecosystems that are related for the non-forest uses. These include the urban uses, ranching and the farming purposes. The trees are never re-planted in these cases.
  • As far as the emissions of greenhouse gases are concerned, converting forests into trees has some serious impacts.
  • Even today, people are cutting down trees to clear the land for agricultural purposes. This will have a double impact on the atmosphere both reducing the number of trees that take the carbon dioxide and provide us oxygen and simultaneously emitting the carbon dioxide into the air.
  • After the forest land is cleared, the enhanced rates of decomposition and soil disturbance create the carbon dioxide emissions. This also enhances the soil erosion.

Effects of Global Warming

In this section of essay on global warming, we will learn about the significant impacts of global warming. The physical environment as well as the climate of the Earth is being damaged by global warming.  In the Arctic where the sea ice, permafrost and glaciers are melting rapidly, the high effects of global warming are visible. The significant effects of global warming are

  • Desertification
  • Increased melting of snow and ice
  • Sea level rise
  • Stronger cyclones and hurricanes


  • Around the world, the increasing temperatures are making the semi-arid and arid areas more drier than before.
  • The current research is stating that the shifting of rainfall patterns and changing of water cycle are making the dry areas even drier.
  • This is turning the dry areas in which 2.5 million people are living into deserts. This process is known as desertification.
Melting of Snow Ice Glacier

Increased melting of snow and ice

  • When compared with the past, the ice and snow is melting at a much faster pace around the world.
  • This scenario is observed in Africa and Alaska, Rockies, Andes, Himalayas and the Alps. More than a million square miles of sea ice has disappeared during the past 30 years.
  • This area is equivalent to the size of Sweden, Denmark and Norway combined. Since 2010, the rate of melting of Antarctic has been doubled.

Sea level rise

  • Since 1880, the sea level of the Earth has risen by 8 inches (21 cms).
  • The rate of rise that is observed today has not been witnessed for about 5000 years.
  • The global warming is the reason for this and it has affected the oceans in 2 ways: the amount of water in the oceans is increased by the accelerated melting of glaciers and ice and the ocean waters get expanded by the warmer average temperatures.

Stronger cyclones and hurricanes

  • Since the early 1970s, the Tropical cyclone activity has witnessed a clear upswing. This matches directly with an observed increase in the temperature of the oceans over the same period of time interestingly.
  • The Power Dissipation Index that measures the tropical cyclones’ destructive power has doubled in the Atlantic and increased by 35% in the Pacific.
  • The global frequency of category 5 and 4 storms increases by 31% for every 1 degree C rise in the sea surface temperature.

Ways to Eliminate Global Warming

This section of essay on global warming deals with the preventive measures for global warming. To reduce global warming, human beings can do several things as stated below.

  • Reduce the Usage of Fossil Fuel
  • Plant Trees
  • Reduce Waste
  • Conserve Water

Reduce the Usage of Fossil Fuel

There are 2 ways to reduce the usage of fossil fuel:

  • use of sources of non-polluting energy like wind and solar power
  • use less energy

This gets translated to saving power at homes and reducing the usage of gasoline.

Plant Trees

Plant Trees

In the earlier sections of this essay on global warming, I have explained the effects of cutting down the trees. As plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, we should plant trees as many as we could. Everyone must take responsibility and plant at least a single tree in the backyard of their homes.

Reduce Waste

The garbage production continues to increase global warming indirectly or directly. In landfills, the decomposing waste produces methane and various other greenhouse gases. Decreasing your patterns of consumption and reusing items whenever there is a possibility decreases your carbon footprint. Recycling the items lowers the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Conserve Water

When purifying and distributing water, the cities consume notable amount of energy. This contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. We must save water in order to reduce the amount of energy that is utilized. Saving the water at our homes, capturing the rainwater, planting trees that require less water are some of the measures we must follow to reduce global warming.

This essay on global warming describes the global warming, its causes, effects and preventive measures. We must contribute ourself in reducing the global warming as it has serious effects on human and animal life.

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