Essay on Globalization


Essay On Globalization- Globalization is the process or procedure of developing the business or organization on international level and operating this on an international scale. Globalization’s simple meaning is spreading trade/business, services or techniques in every corner of world.  Through Globalization one can interact and communicate with other country, and can invest own money or can know their trade, business and culture, and develop new connections which are beneficial for his/her business or company. In very easy and simple way we can say that Globalization is the import/export process. Globalization is not new process on earth, many of people using this technique of buying and selling goods and lands in other nations from ancient time. Now from many decades Globalization procedure and technology have changed according to demand and promotion of business or company.

Essay On Globalization

Global Earth

Importance of Globalization

Globalization has a dominant and important role for every country, here we mentioning some of important facts about Globalization, which shows the importance of Globalization:

  • Globalization open the ways for resources in open market and extend the proper use of resources availability.
  • Every country has its own special products or particular productions, and nations are depending on each other for many needs, but Globalization has solved this problem for traders and common people.
  • Globalization is good for making money from other countries.
  • Large numbers of people can have employment because of Globalization, many of people want to know about products that’s why call center are must and so as employment.
  • Many taxes, pre-shipment finance, custom duties, and post shipment finance and various incentives have provided by government and this encourages the Globalization much.
  • Globalization encourages the competition in business especially on world level, and it is a benefit for consumers.

Why Globlization?

The world is so small for them who wants to spread own business, and very large for them who have nothing to do with. Globalization has many positive effects on markets and beneficial for consumers and traders/ businessman. But this is an important matter or question that why Globalization needs or what would happen if Globalization not exist, here we mentioning some of positive impacts of Globalization which are important for countries and people:

More Efficient Markets in World

Every economy demands for efficient markets in their field. Efficient markets include where buyers and sellers work with efficiency, and buy and sell goods and services.  

Increased Competition

When there are multiple producers in market for competing then it is the good sign for customers, increased competition forces for improvement in business, so each company must have to develop own skills more and as well as the goods and services. The result comes out in low price of products and good news for buyers and common people.   

Make security

Globalization is related with security issues also, because when different nations are working with each other then it causes dependency and then they can’t even think about attacking or war with each other, which increases the level for security for country and public.

Raise Economical states

Globalization has raise up the economy of many countries, many of people have get job because of Globalization which is plus point for every country, because which nation has less unemployment that country can develop faster easily.  

Pros and Cons of Globalization

Globalization is the most contradictory and mostly discussed topic of the world. You will hear many of advantages and disadvantages of Globalization, some speaks in favor and others in opposite. Globalization not only includes business but also the culture, traditions and languages of other nations, which is important factors if you want to communicate with other countries. Let’s take a look on pros and cons of Globalization which have affected the whole world:

Globalization Earth


  1. One of the most important changes that have been lead by Globalization is that it has improved the global economy from its roots. And extends the markets on international scale. And increased the GDP level.  
  2. Globalization makes the people feel freer and they can communicate with other countries easily. Now people can able to understand better the culture and tradition of other countries with closely.
  3. Globalization has breaks the barriers of country’s people feeling, which is being hurt the unity of countries for decades. Now people are becoming more peaceful with each other, Globalization has improved relations of countries with each others.
  4. Globalization is the decision for world; it is not the concern for only 1 country. You are free to do business with any country and can promote your brand to anywhere.
  5. Free business has reduced the barriers like tariffs, VAT, and other taxes between nations.
  6. Competition makes the market down which is good and beneficial for consumers.
  7. Globalization also provides poor countries to develop more that they can also place important symbols of their trades in world markets.   
  8. When people travel more for their business then they come to contacts in many different people which make them easily connected with them.
  9. Labors have to travel one country to another which makes them more hard working and efficient with knowledge.
  10. Now internet has done tremendous job for Globalization, now millions and billions people can connect via internet just by a click, and can share information and data on screen. And promote own business faster.
  11. Translational companies and call centers need for Globalization have given job to thousands of people.


  1. One of the disadvantage of Globalization is that it makes rich richer, and poor more poorer, Globalization is beneficial for investors and rich people, the poor has zero work to do with.
  2. Many of countries have tax barriers for outsiders, U.S. has no VAT tax, but others 161 countries have VAT.
  3. For developed courtiers Globalization created a trouble that many of jobs have transferred to low cost nations and people losing their jobs.
  4. Losing job is like a threat for middle class workers this causes stress in them.
  5. Many of experts thinks that through Globalization many of dangers disease leading to one country from another.
  6. Globalization creating the trouble of human trafficking and this is major issue and huge con of Globalization.
  7. Business is the name of risks, many of traders have lost their money and control on business in lack of success.  

Impact of Globalization on a Nation

Globalization has influenced positive and negative aspects of world, and now it is the most arguable issue of world, a nation have to face many impacts of Globalization like economical development and growth of nation, many people get jobs, when the prices got down it became satisfaction for buyers, travelling to different countries makes people more knowledgeable regarding nation’s culture, tradition and rituals. And when many countries does trade with each other, then there will be less war in world. Nation has to face economical, social and environmental impacts because of globalization.  

But on other hand there are many risks for country, like Globalization is not the cup of tea for poor and low financial condition people, and it led many diseases to one country from another. It is true that Globalization has lowered the rate of war and violence but still many countries have their own conflicts which are a barrier in business and development.   


Globalization carries itself the politics, culture, goods and services and ethical and economy. When lot of aspects are connected with each other then there will be probability of advantages and disadvantages, it depends on traders and workers that what they are chosen to do. Globalization connected thousands of people and their business with each other, and now internet playing a great role in Globalization. Globalization will always remain controversial and contradictory and a major issue for debate but one thing is true that world can’t leave without Globalization because this is the trend from ancient time it is not the new phenomena.

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