Essay On Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy

The proverb “Honesty is the best policy” implies that one should be truthful throughout his life, irrespective of circumstances either good or bad. This in turn will help him to lead a happy life without any regrets. This proverb was given by a famous American Politician, Scientist all the above a person who the hearts of millions i.e, Benjamin Franklin.  At all stages of his life he strictly sticks to the policy of honesty and never inclined towards evil means. Therefore he rose to such a great position that he is remembered and respected to till date.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Only good reciprocates out of truthfulness and honesty. Moreover the level of self satisfaction will be so high to those people who are honest ones. One should always try to look forward for a simple life, this will help him not to get attracted towards Dishonest means. Being honest will bring upon peace and happiness not just to him but also to all the people around him. Also it tries us to help us to identify those people who had bad intentions, thereby it serves an opportunity to us to make friends only with good ones.

Honesty the Best Policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy For Children and Students

It is a well known thing that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Therefore it is imperative for us to inculcate students with high morals and honesty is one among them. At all times of life children should be taught to be honest and wise. This will help them to shine brighter in his further life and career. If they are taught such noble values since childhood they never tend to alter and shift away from the righteous path. Paradoxically if students follow dishonest means from their childhood, it will fetch nothing but bad remarks and failures in their life.

Causes of Being Dishonest

There are lot many causes which will push a person towards dishonest life. To mention a few

  1. The first and foremost factor is lack of guidance and moral policing since their childhood.
  2. The fear of losing something which is of great importance to them.
  3. The major factor is having a coward feeling for future circumstances for their current actions.
  4. Some people fear that their act of honesty  may wind up so badly upon him, his family and friends.
  5. Extreme greediness for material things is another potent factor for being dishonest.

Pros and Cons of Being Honest

Every act has its own implications, similarly being honest also will have good and bad consequences in one’s life. The following are some of the advantages of being honest:

Advantages Of Honest

  1. It gives ultimate satisfaction and meaning to one’s life.
  2. It brings upon happiness to him and people around him.
  3. It will help a person to socialize with good people and earns great respect for him in the society.
  4. Only a few people are prone to illness such as mental disorders.
  5. Honest people will lead a comfortable life without any hindrances.
  6. Being honest helps a person to win the trust of loyal and only good friends.

Being honest have very few disadvantages. However the advantages of being honest will always far outweighs the disadvantages of being honest. The following are some the disadvantages of being honest-

Disadvantages of Being Honest

  1. Sometimes being honest may push a person into the grave consequences and may pose harm to him and his family.
  2. He may temporarily lose to a dishonest person and gets dissatisfied with his life.
  3. He may have to sacrifice his precious things and persons for being honest.
  4. Other dishonest people may think about you as so naive and isolate you. Society and people cannot easily accept so honest people because they fear their life will be in the line of danger.

“ Whatever the circumstances maybe, by being honest justice always serves and   truth sustains “

Honesty Quotes

Benjamin Franklin – “Avoid Dishonest gain- No Price can recompense the pangs of vice”. With these words Benjamin Franklin placed Honesty above all the ideals. These words convey that one should always avoid illegal gains through dishonest means. Since no price can compensate the remorse of you wrongful actions.

No legacy is rich as honesty” these words implies that honesty is the only true treasure that a father can give his children. It is true to all extent since honesty assists a person to lead a happy and comfortable life, which our parents always wishes for their children.

The best thing about telling the Truth is…..  You need not remember what you have said”, this very advantage of honesty turns it to be the best ideal. A honest person need not fear his acts because honesty always enriches the braveness of a person. This braveness will help him to deal matters with fortitude and courage.


The world witnessed all the great person who are remembered and praised for years together for their noble deeds are the honest persons. Being honest will never let you down instead it will always hold you high, it will help you to fight injustice and evil. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela etc are true examples of honesty, it is that very quality which made them as great figures in the history. Initially it will be hard to be honest for anyone but gradually it will seep so deep into your blood that it becomes a way of our life.

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