Essay on Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Education and Its Importance

The importance of Education is immeasurable, boundless and limitless. Education is a necessary costume that each and every human being must be dressed with, especially to stay connected with today’s high-paced digital world. Education plays a vital role in everybody’s life, it changes the mindset of a person, it provides a medium of acquiring knowledge, skill, discipline, independent thinking and how to behave when mingled with the society.

Education is the movement from Light

Allan Bloom’s quote on education:  “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Essay on Importance of Education for Children:

Each and every parent desires to provide the best education to their child or kids. As we know that roots of a tree gives a lot of strength to it to withstand till the last breath of the tree. Similarly, school education lays a strong foundation for any child’s future. Every parent dreams about their child to attain a respectable position in the society such as a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Scientist, Bureaucrats etc. It is the duty and responsibility of the parents to induce the importance of education to their children regularly and make them know the benefits of acquiring the education at all stages of school life like pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education.

Therefore, children should pay full attention to the academics during school education as they will decide the next pathway to college life in the adult stage.

Importance of Education for Children

Importance of Education for Children:

This is a crucial stage wherein the school going kid turns out to be an energetic teenager or adolescent. Generally, This is the stage where a school pass out a student must be careful and keen on selecting the area of the subject.

After school education, the next stage would be intermediate education which allows the student to choose specific groups such as M.P.C(Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry), B.P.C(Biology, Physics and Chemistry), M.E.C(Mathematics, Economics and Commerce), C.E.C(Civics, Economics and Commerce), H.E.C(History, Economics and Chemistry) etc are the common groups that can be seen in India. In addition, there are some more groups with a combination of different subjects based on the states. And thereafter, a student picks graduation, post graduation or a Ph.D. based on the financial strength and area of interest.

The education system is somewhat different in foreign countries when compared to Indian education system. However, a student at this stage must be very careful as there are chances to get fascinated by many attractive things that divert the concentration of intermediate education. Hence the importance of education during this period is critical and parents must keep an eye on their son/daughter and see that they are on the right track of education.

Pluto Direction Of Education

Pluto’s quote on education:“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.”

Importance of Education Speech

The importance of education in our life must be always on top priority. Education in this context is Learning, learning is a never-ending process. Knowingly or unknowingly, each and every person is a learner at all stages of his or her life. Society gives more respect to an educated person than to an uneducated rich person. With education, one can learn many things in the world and teach many things to the world as well.  Education enriches a person in many ways such as:

  • Change the Society

It is believed and also proved that an educated person can only bring a positive change in the society. Since ages, it is being heard that home is the first school for a kid and mother is the first teacher and father the second, and the next priority and importance is given to a teacher or guru who molds a student by imparting all the knowledge he/she is built-in with. So a Teacher being certified with high-degree of education can transform a student with no idea of education to a master or pro. Only a teacher has that capacity to nurture hundreds and thousands of students and enlighten them in the world of education.

  • Independent Thinking

An educated person’s maturity level will be broad when compared to an uneducated person. A literate or an educated fellow can face problems and sort out them with a rational thinking, he or she will a capability to solve the critical situations without depending on anyone. A person with independent thinking nature can live without any fear in any part of the world.

  • Lifestyle

One can have a different lifestyle when compared to an illiterate or a person with no education. People surrounding you can discover you when you interact with them, what type of a person you are such as broad or narrow-minded, matured or immature etc. and some people can make out few traits of your from the dress you wear because to some people, dress means a lot.

  • Importance of Values

The more educated you are, the more informed you become. Hence, you can judge what is right and what is wrong in the society. You will be knowing the importance of life and values such as relations, friendship, respect towards elders, giving a helping hand to needy ones, hospitality etc.

  • World Exposure

With education, one can travel to any extent in this world with no geographical limitations. When you’re well-equipped with the degrees of education, you will be confident enough to face any critical situations while traveling places. Simultaneously you will get world exposure by meeting different people, visiting different places and understanding the mindset of a variety of people.

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