Essay on Leadership


Leadership is the quality, of leading, when people wants you from heart, and follow you and your instructions as can do everything for you and your image, then you are the Leader, and you have leadership quality. Or we can say that the action of leading a group of people or an organization or having the ability to do this called leadership. It doesn’t make a difference whether a leader is male or female, it is the matter of quality, and very few people have the ability to attracts others to this level that they will start following you and your instructions. It doesn’t meaning with dominating power, or rule over on public, but opposite that people wants you and like your way of behaving and working with them and for them, and these quality make you leader.   

Leadership Skills

Importance Of Leadership

Leadership is important feature for proper management and maintaining the things which are related to this, it can be your business, and it can be any organizational goals, or in politics, or in school, college and many other field, every where you will have need the leader, and the person or group with leadership quality. Why leadership is important, you can know from some main points:

  • A leader is only the person who starts the work, on his skill basis and quality, only he has the dare have begun the task.  
  • A leader plays an important role of motivate his group or his people, that they can inspire and work with efficiency.
  • Leader’s work has not only supervising to public or employees, but also guides them in right direction.
  • Confidence is basic factor for any work or management, if leader would be fill with confidence then he can easily express his words and explain this to employees or people, that’s why leadership is important.
  • Leadership enhances the positive energy into workers and they can be able to work with energy and guts.
  • Leadership builds work atmosphere between workers, because leader listen their problems, and tries to sort out this and this make connection between both of them.
  • Leadership rises trust into employees, they trust own leader and listen his instructions, which shows the importance of leadership.
boss vs leader

Leadership Qualities

Leadership and being a leader is not an easy task, it is responsible duty, because many people follows you and listen you carefully, and a good leader is not only the manager but also a guide and care taker of his group of workers. There are important qualities which make a leader good and creates effective image in front of others:


There is no question of major and minor things and problems for leader, the person who is leading must have the quality of focus on followers.


Leadership quality demand for confidence, which lead your followers in right way, it doesn’t mean with over confidence, but you must sure for what you are doing, and what will be the output.


Integration between employees and also in leader is important for leadership.

Good communication skills

A good leader must have communication skills with workers, communication with each other makes easy to understand each other and make a connection between leader and employees.


A leader must have knowledge what he does, and he love to do that, he should have passion for his work and decisions.


When one has ability to inspire others, then people get more attracted to you, and listen you more carefully, so leader must have do some king of things that he can inspire his audience.


Patience is the key behind every work, and also for its success, leader must have the patience to listen his/her followers.

Positivity and honesty

Leadership quality empowers positivity and honesty in a leader, that people can more trust you and to agree with you.

Pros and Cons of Leadership

Pros of Leadership

  1. If you are a good leader then you will gain much respect from others.
  2. When you do something good for others then you also feel blessed and feel more self respect for yourself.
  3. When many of followers listen and follow your instructions then you feel a huge responsibility for them, and fell proud for yourself.
  4. Duty towards public makes you more confident and gives you energy to fight with wrong.
  5. With a good leader a team can complete their tasks and goals.
  6. Leadership makes one’s powerful contacts and good communication skills.

Cons of Leadership

  1. Sometimes a leader has to work alone and for long hours, it makes him/her more tired and stressful.
  2. Lots of responsibility demands for lot to handle and control.
  3. If a leader fails to complete the target, then he has to face his audience and also can lost their trust.

Best Leadership Yields Best Results

A study shows that which team has best leader with all leadership qualities they become more successes full than others. When a leader works with confidence and more efficiency then followers will also have this impact. A good leader always a good listener, he always listen problems with patience and tries to sort out them. Great things can happen when a leader focuses on public or his followers. There are many examples in our history, when leaders have gained the greatness and success.

Information on Leadership in Politics, Corporate, Colleges and Union 

There are many famous name exist of leadership in politics, and they ruled in heart of public by their behavior, and honesty.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Jawaharlal Nehru

And many others, they are the great political and social leaders of India.

Leadership has a great role in corporate world as well as in college and unions. A leader can easily lead the public towards right direction, if in a business you choose a right leader, who can guide the employees, they listen his instructions, and work with him with loyalty and efficiency, then your company become more successful.

The same thing applicable in college and union leadership, college and unions had also need a leader, who can guide them, tell them what is right or wrong, and sort their problems regarding study or anybody teasing him/her.  


Everyone is not blessed with the quality of leadership, very rare person have born with this ability. Becoming a leader is not a big deal, but very few of them can play responsibility of leadership. The duty is much heavy on your shoulders, people trust you from heart, follows you and give respect the leader, so a leader have to also give the same output to followers, and must play his role with loyalty and with confidence.  

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