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Library is a building or a room or a hall, where lots of books, magazines and papers are kept, and collection of books can be related every subject and topics of world and from everywhere, and common public and Library members can hire these books according to their interest or can read in library, there you will found sitting arrangements for readers. There are two types of libraries one is Public library and second is Private library. A library is a heaven for book lovers every city or town and every school and college or university has its own library, and it is important factor and decides the standard of city and school and colleges.

History of Library

Geographer of ancient history said that Aristotle was the first person of this world, who taught Egypt’s kings that how a library should be maintained and arranged, Aristotle was a great book lover, and the first library was found 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia civilization. Archeologist found thousands of tablets of clay during their discovery, many of evidence proved that, that time the king was fond of books, and he had his personal collection of these kinds of books. Also there is one of the most famous and ancient library, that is Great Library of Alexandria, discovered in 300bc. It was a public library, and considered as like precious treasure for people that time.

If we talk about India, then “Calcutta Public Library” was the oldest Library of India, which was founded in 1836. The name shows that it was government library but actually it was private institute, but for poor students and people, who can’t afford books, is invited here for free. This is one of the best libraries of country that time, and every unique and rare book could be easily found here.

Importance of Library

Library has a very important role in our life, especially for students and those people who love to reading books, and seeks for new books and knowledge in their routine. There are many important reasons which tell about the importance of library:

  1. The people which can’t afford books from market, can read in library, and fulfill their dream and hobby of reading.
  2. The public library has huge collection of books, which is helpful for important knowledge and data.
  3. The children and students which searching for more information about history, biography or any related subject can find in library.
  4. Library in schools has very important for students, because in school if library is updated on time, then it can be helpful for students.
  5. The students which are preparing for competitive exams and unable to buy monthly magazines and books can be read here.
  6. Library is the safe and peaceful place for reading so if you are not comfortable at your home then you can choose the library for reading.

Uses of Libraries

  • Library is the storehouse of knowledge and information.
  • Many of important books and magazines you will find here, which you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Different kinds of books reading makes you intelligent and grooms your personality.
  • Readers can found here more peace and relaxation and discipline for reading.
  • School and college libraries are the soul of education system.
  • Students can take advantage of library in many ways like for any competition like debate, slogans, essay writing they can found all data in library.
  • The people which want to achieve their goal in any competitive exams can have better help from library.
  • Many people get employment because of library.
  • You can borrow any of books for particular period according to library rules.  

Disadvantages of Library

  • One cannot find any disadvantages with the Library as this is meant for Knowledge sharing and gaining.
  • Possible disadvantages are with those libraries that do not follow proper standards of management.
  • Visitors need to follow Library disciplines as this helps in better management of books, like punctual in returning the book you borrowed, take care of the book you borrow, etc.

Libraries Today

  • In most of the Government libraries, we have no proper facility sitting, books managing or cleanliness.
  • Many people disturb the library’s discipline and sometimes they borrow the books but do not return.
  • Sometimes if you are looking for particular book but somebody else may have it first, then it would be trouble for you.
  • In school and colleges some students do not respect the books and magazines and harm them.
  • Some libraries are never be updated and you won’t found any new editions or books which is a major disadvantage for readers.  
Reading Room in Library

Library in Colleges

College is the education place for teenagers, and it is the best age for them to learn new things and know about more their culture and other countries culture, or if there any doubt in their mind, that they can have any questions all answers they can get into college library. Now in modern times the college libraries becoming more advance and in metro cities when India is becoming Digital India, so how can library escape, there are many libraries which are became now digital Libraries. This is also very helpful for students. Students can make their notes, they can prepare for any competitive exams. Daily many monthly and daily magazines appear in library, also with many kinds of newspapers which are the source of high knowledge and information and very helpful for college students, because college has the main role in their future.

Library in Colonies/Communities/Towns

Many colonies and communities have their own private libraries according to their culture, rituals and traditions. Because in community and colonies is the name of different kinds of people living at one place. Library has an important role in colonies and communities for children and students. If any condition they do not get the book from school library then they can get it from colony library. Also many times some people or women can’t manage to go to public library, in this case colony library will be helpful for them.

Town is the name of many communities and less population rather than city. So town library has also the major role in the development of children and students. But there should be proper management for library and books. So librarian is must for library.  

Libraries Then and Now

Library has faced many changes over last 80 years. Many changes like economically, outlines and advance technology. Now there are many digital libraries are available which makes easy to work with books and management of books. Now librarian do not have to count books and maintain them for hours but computer does this all. Now librarian can get E-mail and texts from readers about books they want. Now anybody can promote any of books and make others eager to read it. In past time when there was lack of technology then managing the books was very difficult. It is true that technology has severe effects on libraries and technology has done tremendous job for library and readers.

What Developments are to be made in Today’s Libraries?

Development in library means that how library should maintain and managed with more efficiency, and there is several ways which will be effective for library development:

  • Library needs proper care and attention by librarian, so it is important that Liberian must have the diploma in library management, that he could manage the library easily.
  • Public library is like government property, so government should take care of library like books, building and rooms and sitting arrangements.
  • Library must have a comforting environment for readers that they can feel peace and discipline there.
  • Library must be updated on time and must be user friendly.
  • Library’s atmosphere should be clean and tidy.
  • If in library has digital systems then they must also well managed by educated staff.


Books are the true friends of human. And collection of books provides a great and friendly environment to book lovers. Library is the pride of every city, every school and every college. Without library how it would be possible to gain knowledge, it is a fact that today’s world consider as internet arena, but still library has its own important and dominant role in our life. We all should take care of our library whether it is private or public. Also teach your children to respect books, and also the habit of reading books whether related to their subject or not. Every book is special and full with knowledge.

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