Essay on National Integration

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Essay on National Integration – India is a huge country with large population, and India is only the unique country of this world, having different people with different religion, with different languages, different culture and different tradition under one place. National Integration refers to the connection and unity between individuals irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or gender. It’s the feeling of brotherhood, unity and social cohesion within the society and communities of the country. National Integration is a way to keep the country united and strong from within, despite the diversity. Therefore, the significance of national integration can be best explained by the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity. Such a country will always be on the path of development and prosperity.

Essay on National Integration

When these all different people combines together and try to leave with peace under one roof then it is called “National Integration”.

National integration is the feeling of oneness which actually comes from heart of the country public. In ancient time India was very powerful country including different religions, and divided into small kingdoms but history is witnessing of tough time of this country.

Whenever outers have attacked on India, the Indians have shows their integration against the evil power, and it is the power of one’s country when all citizens get together without any discrimination of caste, religion and language.

Unity in Diversity

Significance of National Integration

Unity is the power of any country. National Integration is very important factor for any nation, whether for development, or for strongness of country, then nobody even can dare to think about anything wrong about your nation, there are many significance of National integration

  • National integration have cementing power of unites all citizens under one shelter.
  • If any nation have lack of National integration then it will become easier to conquer by outsiders.
  • National integration includes own people into one roof, with the feeling of unity no matter what their religion, cast or where from they all belongs to.
  • National integration increases the nation’s strongest by economically, morally and physically.
  • If the nation’s citizens have the strong feeling of National integration then they become more loyal and honest for nation, which is a plus point for any country.
United India

Role of National Integration in National Development

India is secular country, National integration has very dominant role in any of country development, country is the name of public, groups and individuals living on one place, and consider this place as home, and worship like devotee, and can do everything for own nation safety and care, and development.

  • The public unity and togetherness develops the feeling of love and sympathy which is positive for national development.
  • National integration causes the feeling of equality, every religion is same and people of one country are also same.
  • National integration increases the feeling of patriotism which is good for national development.  
  • National integration inspire the young generation that they can also develop love for country, and youth is important for national development.
  • When people are more connected with each other then there will never occur any war of fight which is positive point regarding national development.

National Integration for Children and Students

Children and students are the maker of upcoming nation, parents and teachers should aware from beginning that how to make learn about National integration to children and students.

When a child born, he can be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or from any other religion, but defiantly he belongs to own nation and nation has only one religion that is humanity.

How National integration is important for children and students, this we can discuss:

  1. Especially India is popular for unity in diversity, this thing makes India more unique, and every student should know about this.
  2. From very starting like from school days children should learn about unity, and integration.
  3. For small children there should be play and songs related to National integration that they can understand this better.
  4. Students and teachers and also parents should aware about seriousness about National integration so that they can also tell their children.
  5. Unity has the power, and dividedness has weakness, this should be the moral of children and students.  
national integration

National Integration Quotes

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

“The Strength of The Nation derives from the integrity of the home.”

“Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on the values rather than personal gain.”

“All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”

Youth and National Integration

National integration is necessary and important for every single citizen; you will find in a nation have much kind of religion, language, different region, and culture, but one thing is true that country will be one. And youth is the charm of country, with positive energy and enthusiasm which fills the country with basic essence and new energy, young generation has that ability to change the nation’s outline and structure.

Today’s youth have enough understanding about National integration, because in past time India has faced tough time, and many attacks by outsiders, and being enslaved by British government, but that time people have no such understanding about National integration, and India was divided into small kingdoms that time.

But now many things have changed, generation changed, thoughts changed, now world’s all countries have liberty, and have many kind of safety weapons and methods for protection, but war only divides and murders, how can youth promote National integration, here are some methods

  • Promotion of secularism is important, because in every country hundreds kind of religion exist, and everybody consider own religion better than other religion, secularism is necessary for National integration.
  • Youth must be enough to educated and have knowledge about the power of National integration, that they can promote it.
  • Students and children can make understand to villages and cities by slogans, chart, skits and drama, it would make easier to understand for illiterate people and women.
  • The National integration day celebrated on 19th November, so youth can do many efforts to promote the seriousness and depth of National integration.
  • National integration is the need of any country development, and youth must have this awareness first late on they would be able to promote this phenomena to others.
  • The young politician can also play great role towards National integration.
  • Youth must have respect for National Flag, National anthem and Emblem and mother tongue.    

Challenges to National Integration

There are many challenges in front of National integration

  • People have strong feelings about their religion, cast and tradition, and they hesitate to accept any other religion easily this is the biggest challenge to National integration.
  • Communalism is a danger for unity and togetherness; many people lost their lives because of communalism. And during British rule they encouraged communalism much, for controlling the nation, and still India and Pakistan has facing the adverse effects.
  • Different casts and their reservation is the big trouble from beginning, if one cast become reserved then the other also want to be, and it creates critical situation.
  • Violence and caste discrimination is challenge to National integration, it is very difficult to make public understand about National integration.
  • Lack of awareness and education is also a big challenge for National integration.


National integration is very important for any country; it is the basis and essence for development, and makes country stronger.

India is second largest country of this world, and there is 1652 different languages are spoken in India, 18 of them have given special identification, but government can’t give this special treat to all of languages, every person consider his tradition and cast upper then others, and it creates trouble and problem for nation, and become a barrier in front of National integration.

Every person have different physiology, from where he belongs, he accept the language, food, attire and cast. But wherever one can belong but he will be human, and this thinking can bring many changes, so always respect your nation, and also others feelings and religion, awareness is the key of success and everybody must understand this.

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