Essay On Nature


Essay On Nature – The sun rays kissing the wet grass, the medicament of the intoxicating bees, the smell of the white lilies, the greenery of the country land, nothing can be prettier than the beauty of nature, which fills in an air of satisfaction in our survival. Have you ever walked bare footed over a layer of grass, if yes, let me say you, nothing can give you a better accompaniment than that of nature. Nature can be the best accompaniment during solitude as well as during any of your mood swing.

Essay On Nature

The Best Gift of God-Nature

Nature is not a fan epitome for happiness or for forgetting loneliness; it also has a number of other utilities of nature

  1. Fresh Water– This is the most important thing which nature gifts us. The fresh water is something without which existence of life is impossible.
  2. Pollination– This is the reason behind the concept of “variation”. The variation of different species is due to the factor of pollination. Without this procedure, life will only be possible for hellish days.
  3. Medicines– The nature helps provide medicines for cure, which is very beneficial for sustaining life.
  4. Fishery– Food is one of the basic dependence for survival. Therefore the fisheries are a major reliance for the food support for the people dependant on nature.
  5. Climate regulations– This is a major factor to remember, weather is regulated by the nature like the carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen controls.
  6. Economy– It as well helps in bringing the commercial support as nature for everyone.

Nature is God’s Gift

Every possible think which has life or for the earth to sustain life, the most important thing is nature. So, if we think god is the supreme creator of the earth and lifeline, then we are bound to admit that nature is one of the best specimen’s of god’s gift.

Nature Earth

The Different Parts of Nature

Forests– The dwelling place of the wild life, in short, it’s their kingdom of survival. The forest is the part of the nature which is like a house for millions of species.

Valleys– As we all know this is the dwelling place for many humans and animals which can be domesticated; it lies between both the mountains and mountain range.

Mountains– These are pyramidal structures which are present as a part of nature which has a lot of utilities in commercial and other areas.

Oceans– These can be considered as the largest water bodies where there is a place for the sustained of aquatic life.

A wide list which will go on

25 Interesting Facts About Nature

  1. The world has more electricity produced from hydroelectric power than other mediums.
  2. The skin of a poison dart frog has more poison than a snake.
  3. Eels can discharge electricity of around 660 volt.
  4. Aspirin is made from the bark of willow tree.
  5. Humans are the only species of life which sleeps on its back.
  6. Cows don’t have front upper teeth.
  7. Lobsters blood is color less.
  8. A chicken can fly till a maximum of 13 seconds.
  9. Worms taste like bacons.
  10. Beetles taste like small fruits.
  11. Wasps taste like pine nuts.
  12. Right handed people live for more than the left handed people.
  13. A child has more bones than adult. It has 300 bones which later turn to only 206 bones.
  14. Gold fish can see all forms of radiations.
  15. Every insect has six legs in total.
  16. A duck bobs its feet while walking.
  17. Owls can see blue color.
  18. Strawberry has seeds growing outside the fruit.
  19. Amazon rainforest makes maximum of oxygen supply.
  20. Brazil is the name of a tree.
  21. Carrots have 0%fats as a fruit.
  22. Tomato is a fruit but we call it a vegetable.
  23. Rain contains vitamins like vitamin B12.
  24. Bats can be considered as the only mammal that can fly.
  25. Only female mosquitoes have the tendency of biting.

Save Nature

As nature gifts us so many utilities for life, so it deserves to be protected. The ways in which it can be protected or conserved are


Conserve water

Use of fewer chemicals

Dispose of toxic waste

Stop pollution

Conclusion :

Ecosystems, habitat and the whole nature are made for us. As humans are the most sensible form of life, it’s our duty to protect nature and show our gratitude towards this gift of God.

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