Essay On Newspaper

Essay On Newspaper

This essay on Newspaper deals with the overall aspect of a Newspaper. The newspaper is an object that provides the mass with the news of daily occurrences. It is a print publication that has been coming out in series format from its very inception. A newspaper generally covers four major areas, namely, that it is published in periodically, the up to date aspect, the accessibility of the mass and range of news pieces. It contains information about current political, sports, entertainment scenarios and also advertisements of products, services, and employment news. Minor portions of the newspapers also include noteworthy weather forecasts, daily horoscopes, critique reviews and at times short stories as well targeting both children and adults. The front page of the newspaper, in general, comprises of the top new stories of a particular day.

The story had first started from bulletins and gazettes. The concept of starting the newspaper age in India was first proposed in 1766 by William Bolts, a Dutch traveler. However, Hickey’s Bengal Gazette was the very first newspaper that had been published in India under the British Rule in 1780. This attempt was further followed by papers like The Calcutta Gazette, the Indian Gazette, and the Bombay Herald and so on and so forth. However, this essay on Newspaper focuses particularly on the Indian scenario of Newspapers from its birth. India is a country constituting of multiple languages. It is evident in this case that apart from the universally accepted language of English, newspapers are also published in the vernacular language of each state.

Importance of Newspaper

This essay on Newspaper also throws light on the value and various advantages that are associated with reading a newspaper. If one delves deep into it, one is sure to admit that from the age of printing, newspapers have shaped up to become a boon rather than a curse for the mankind. It is a means by which every person indirectly stays in constant touch with the entire globe. Newspapers have the voice which is strong enough to bring about a strong Revolution. It has the history of doing so as well. The newspapers strength is that it can become a potential weapon for the public to reach their opinion to the government authorities.

With its evolution, the newspaper has become an integral aspect in the daily walk of life. It is because every human being at the present chooses to stay updated with the current happenings all over the world. Especially, in the age of Information Overload, newspapers are a great medium that categorically caters to your interests and brings all the necessary information under one roof. Along with the general mass, the essay on Newspaper also considers the fact that a newspaper is a good source for the marketers to keep up their performance by following the market reports. Plus, it has taken that shape of one of the major Advertising and promotional tool for companies. The newspapers of various regions not only give one-sided information but it also acts as a major educational tool for the mass. It is a strong source of help to shape rid the country of its weaknesses in terms of the morals and also the prevalent social evils.


Disadvantages Of Newspaper

Considering the positives of Newspapers and its utility, this essay on Newspaper also is informative about the negative aspects of the newspaper. Standing at a present date, one major ill of newspapers is evident. That is its negative influence on the general public with the outright misinformation about different parties of politics. There are various occurrences when these propagandas form to be a major source of confusion amongst the readers. Thus, the mass judgment is affected by the half-truth. There is much news that is published regularly that directly hits on people’s religious beliefs and trigger unnecessary hatred in people. Even spots win and losses are also unethically considered on religious aspects. They work as strong fertilizer to the communal wars.

There are also frequent occurrences when fake advertisements are published in the daily newspapers. This is a form of cheating and deceiving the public and is a major form of harassment as well. This essay on Newspaper is not a one-sided Essay. It covers all the aspects, which are both the negative and the positive sides of the same. With respect to marketers, the space for advertisement on newspapers has become very expensive. Moreover, the advertisement on newspaper in the present age does not leave much impact on the memory of an individual. This is due to the advent of the internet age where digital media is on the ruling side. It is because the newspaper is discarded on a daily basis and one does not go back to it on the day passes.

Print Media Vs Electronic Media

In the age where almost everything is available online, then why not even daily news? The essay on Newspaper also focuses on the gradual change of course from the media point of view. People and marketer are nowadays becoming more and more dependable on the easy accessibility of things over the net. Thus, the shift from print media to a digital form is also happening rapidly. The digital media has endowed upon people the blessing of portable news. Now, a person no longer requires carrying a newspaper to be updated about the latest stories. Individuals rather just visit the e-newspapers that are readily available on smartphones and tablets in the form of updated applications. The strong points of print media lie in its affordability, cost cutting on advertisement and increasing audience base. The world of advertising has also shifted a lot to the digital aspect tapping the wider range of audiences.


So, the essay had started its journey from the history and advent of Newspapers in India. It took its course through the various positive aspects as well as the negative sides of the newspaper as a whole. The essay has also thrown much light on how the world is experiencing a shift with regards to the form of media. This essay gives an overall view of the evolution of Newspapers.

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