Essay On Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Essay on Noise Pollution – Noise pollution is also a type of pollution that takes away the peace from human’s life. It can be defined as the excessive level of noise that causes disturbances in the common living of humans and the animals. It has been a major point of concern globally along with the air pollution.

Essay on Noise Pollution

In simple words, noise pollution can be termed as the contamination of the environment by the unwanted sound from a source.

Sources of Noise Pollution

There is no particular source that causes noise pollution. Anything that causes the unbearable sound that is teasing to both mind and heart is considered to be the main sources of noise pollution. Being a living organism with ears as the sense of organs, we come across various different kinds of sounds in our everyday life.

Noise Pollution Cause

Research shows that the growth in the level of noise pollution has been because of the rapid growth of urbanization. The urban culture has been the major contributor to any sort of pollution. The honking horns of the vehicles, running machines, factories, airplanes, mobs and the crowds, loudspeakers, Televisions at top volume etc are all considered to be the causative factors towards the noise pollution. The man-made objects are the largest contributors in causing this type of pollution.

Another factor that is considered to be an important one in causing the noise pollution is the poor planning of the modern day towns and cities. The rapid industrialization and development have given rise to the noise pollution.

As far as the other issues are concerned, it is the man’s need of easing away their life has made to contribute to the pollution. In search of simplicity, man has kissed the complexities.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Since it is the unwanted noise bore by the living organisms, hence, has immense harmful effects on human beings and animals. Excessive noise pollution can lead to increase in the problems cause cardiovascular related problems, noise induced hearing loss, increment in the chances of coronary artery related diseases and increase in blood pressure. Continuous exposure to noise or a sudden exposure to noise can cause intolerable headache.

As far as the animals are concerned, they are nowhere less affected. The unbearable noise levels cause death in animals by altering the predators, cause hamper in the process of reproduction and their navigation. The animals also fall prey to the permanent hearing loss.

The problem leads to insomnia in both the species- animals and the human beings.

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Health Hazards of Noise Pollution

To Humans

The noise pollution, in particular, causes a lot of health related issues for human beings and animals. However, a continuous spotlight to the noise can severely damage the people’s health. The research shows that the people living in the urban areas are unhealthier and face problems that are cause exclusively by the noise. On the other hand the people residing in the rural areas do not have the problems.

Some of the key areas where the noise pollution proves to be major health hazard are as follows

  • The noise pollution impacts not only health but the psychology of the people. According to doctors, an increased level of noise can lead to psychological imbalance and hence damage psychological health.
  • The ill effect of noise pollution can be deduced from the fact that it leads to tinnitus, hypertension, hearing loss and insomnia.
  • It interferes with the daily activities of the human beings and hampers their work like conversation, sleep and damage the way one is living
  • Those people who are exposed to high level of noise only because as a part of their profession suffer with noise-induced hearing loss in which the natural sensitiveness towards hearing and responding gets reduced.
  • Excessive noise leads to increase in the problems related to cardiovascular problems. Research done in this regard as shown that a continuous exposure to noise over a period of say seven to nine hours leads to an apparent hike in the blood pressure level
  • It gives rise to stress and ailments like vasoconstrictions with the increase in the chances of coronary artery diseases
  • From the cultural aspect, an increased in the sound level causes hamper in the expression of power

For Wildlife

Even the wildlife is no safe. They are almost equally affected sections like the humans. The harmful effects of noise pollution on the wildlife are as follows-

  • High level of noise level can cause death in the wild animals by obstructing the way of prey detection and avoidance.
  • It causes hamper in their navigation as well as reproduction process
  • Experiments suggest that the acoustic overexposure leads to the permanent hearing loss
  • Another major significant bad impact is the way they are deprived of their natural habitat
  • The marine animals, on continuous exposure to sound, get affected by acclimatization

The worst part of the wildlife being getting exposed to the unbearable noise is that many of the animals from the endangered species are facing the wrath of extinction. It is because on their journey in the vast sea they often fail to maintain their communication with the other members of its family only because of the increased encroachment of the human activities and traffic in the sea and the oceans. The Sonar systems used by the sea vessels, ships and submarines disrupt the communication of the sea animals that live beneath the sea water level.

Measures and Control of Noise Pollution

The rapid increase in the level of noise has led the authority and the organization to take stern steps in the process of controlling the noise pollution. Rules and regulations have been framed with various methods that are possible to control the pollution. Some of the ways that can help control the noise pollution are as follows-

  • Afforesting is one of the natural and green methods of controlling the noise pollution. Trees and plants are the great absorbers that have the capability of soaking the excess sound in the environment.
  • Taking steps like banning the supersonic aircrafts that caused unbearable sound whenever they passed
  • The aircraft companies are emphasizing in the development of quieter jet engines that would cause reduced sound level
  • Industries are given standardized license of operation only after they pass the criteria of the optimum level of producing sound
  • Use of firecrackers and horns should be restricted to prescribed decibels and locations like honking of horns and fireworks must not be in the places that are near the hospitals and schools.
  • Some of the countries like Australia have created and designed roadway noise as noise barriers that have effectively reduced the noises caused by the traffic
  • Government authorities must put emphasis and ask people to use public transportation to commute as this will reduce the numbers of vehicles and traffic chaos
  • Banning the use of loudspeakers, stereos and music systems during late night and even during the day-time is a wise step
  • Noise laws and ordinances must be framed and strictly followed else provision of strict punishment should follow their way
  • Teams must be formed that would measure the noise level on a periodic basis and would take action against the authority in case of failure


Noise pollution is a human framed outcome. Hence, steps and initiatives must be taken on the part of the people as a sincere and responsible citizen of a country to curb the noise pollution to give our next generation a healthy and safe environment to live.

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