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Indian society is the richest societies among the world. Only Indians know the value of a Family. Family consist of many people like mother, father, children, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc. In ancient times, people use to live together. The whole family resides at one house. The previous joint family culture was awesome and secure. But the current scenario is mainly attracted towards single family culture. Parents and the children: sometimes addition of grandparents also there.

Importance of Parents

Life cannot be imagined without parents. We need them for our whole life (although we know it is not actually possible). We grow under their supervision. They make us learn the values of life, education, family and friends. There is an amazing bond between children and parents. This is very strong and cannot be expressed by words. This bonding distinguishes this relation from any other relations in the world.

Parents Group

Whatever a child can do is due to their parents. The parents sacrifice their own needs for the child. They always try to fulfill the needs and wishes of their child. The value of parents can be asked by an orphan child who always seeks the parental love. But no one can take the place of parents. They make us correct when we go wrong in taking life’s decision. They are our God. They are our first teacher.

Duties of Parents

You cannot categorize the duties of a parent. Their duties and responsibilities are huge in numbers. But still we are listing some duties and responsibilities one could have being a parent:

  • Provide a home for the child.
  • Protect and maintain your child
  • Learn discipline to your child
  • Provide them best education
  • Provide them a good health
  • Make them learn the values of family
  • Correct them on their wrongs
  • Appreciate them for their best work
  • Inspire them for doing something extraordinary
  • Support them when they need
  • Provide them moral as well as financial support

But apart from all this, it is also the duty of a child to respect, care and protect the parents from all the odd times of life. They are sacrificing all their lives to bring up the child. Once the child grew old, now it’s their responsibility to act for the parents.

Parents Love and Affection Towards Children

Parents love is always unconditional. They do not expect anything in return and showers us with loads of love. From the time we are born, our parents’ responsibility increases. They feed us, caresses us, make us bath, clean us, play with us, make us learn, protect us, educate us and the list goes on.

A mother is more emotional between the two. She is like a world for a child. She is the one who suffers the pain of keeping a child inside her womb for 9 months and the killing pain during delivery. It is like a new life for her. But she bares everything for her child. She is the one who is a child’s first teacher. She knows her child more than they themselves. She cries when the child is hurt. She feels proud when her child does something excellent. She cares when the child is ill. She always knows what her child need at what point of time.

On the other hand, father is like a protective shield for the child and the whole family. He goes to earn the living. He works hard to earn more and more so that he can give his child a good life. He tries to give the child the best education. He tries to fulfill all their demands. He doesn’t show, but loves them equally.

Home With And Without Parents

Home is home when the whole family is there. Without parents you cannot imagine a home. When sometimes our parents are out of town or gone somewhere for urgent work, the home looks like a haunted place. We are never learned to live without parents. Here we list out some points of difference when parents are home and when they are not:

Home With Parents

  • We feel protected.
  • We know they are near when we need help or support.
  • The whole house is kept neat and clean.
  • The food is always sufficient and on time.
  • They are present when we are ill.
  • All the bills are paid on time.
  • The house looks like a wonderful dream where everyone is laughing and enjoying.

On the other hand, the scene is opposite when they are not there.

Home Without Parents

  • We feel insecure and restless.
  • We feel loneliness and helpless.
  • The house is like a mess, not a single thing at place.
  • We have to prepare our own food and sometimes skip a dinner or lunch due to laziness or being busy.
  • When we are ill, no one is there to take care. (felt crying)
  • Bills remained unpaid. They come up with penalties.
  • The house looks like a guest house or a ghost house where we are roaming alone.

Quotes On Parents

There are numerous quotes written by different people on parents and parenthood. They are just appreciating words but they could never express the actual feelings. Here we are listing out some famous and interesting quotes:

  • One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.
  • At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.
  • A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.


The whole discussion ends at only one point that parents are the base of any family. Without them the family never completes. We always need them and always hope that they remain healthy and strong and showers their love and care towards us.

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