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Picnic is defined as an informal social gathering that takes place in outdoors such as in places like forest or a heath where the comestibles bought are ingested. A Picnic is mostly organized as a part of fun making and recreation. The picnic is organized at spots that have the best panoramic view, a glimpse of the flowing river, or beside some lakes, in the woods. The venue points are chosen that have the locations fascinating or interesting. Most of the picnics are organized in the winter session that can last till the evening starting from the morning.

Picnic day

Importance Of Picnic

Picnic is not a new introduction to the life of man. This has been kept on organizing from the past few centuries but has gained popularity during the last one century or half. The importance of picnic on human life can never be ignored. The importance it plays in organizing and binding the people from different ethnicity, society can never be ignored. Cooking, sharing, talking is all a part of a well-organized picnic.

It is through the picnic that people come know about each other in a society or a locality it live. Through the picnic, the nature of sharing and caring comes to play. People and even the children come, join their hands and learn the sweetness of sharing. They learn to cooperate and coordinate during any of the work. It is the picnic that teaches us the spirit of being human.

A picnic is considered incomplete and the most boring gathering of the people when there is no gossip. Gossip leads to sharing of information and knowledge. In the process, women learn to cook what they do not know and similar other activities. It helps in teaching the individuals what they lag behind by common sharing of information and experience. Same is the case with the men and the children.

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How to Plan a Picnic, Time and Place

Planning a picnic is generally done on the common consent of the people who are the participants and the final decision is made regarding the venue and the date by the head who would be organizing the picnic. Months before the final date of the picnic, a group is made. The group can be of a society, a complex, students, friends, couples, office colleagues and many more. After the group is made a common meeting is called for to decide the venue and the timing of the meeting. It is in this meeting that the views of the individuals are forwarded. After several rounds of discussions that can be of either asking an individual about any problem or asking about a general consent, a final decision is made regarding the venue and the date and the timings keeping in view of the convenience of every individual.

Generally, what remains attached with the date of the picnic, most of the picnic are organized on a common holiday so that no one faces the problem of getting or meeting up together. The individual contribution towards the picnic is then decided in the forthcoming meetings where everything is decided about whom to make the head, the treasurer and the organizers. A deadline is decided within which the share of the finance per head is needed to be collected. The per head allocation of the funds depends upon the mode of transport, the food and lodging, transportation cost and other miscellaneous cost incurred in organizing the picnic.

The planning plays the vital role in deciding how well organized a picnic would be. The other members also get the opportunity to bring in notice about anything that went missing from the list in the course of arrangement or deciding. Suggestions and feedback coming from the individual come as a boon for a successful event to take place.

Picnic With Family

Picnic with family or group of family is very entertaining. The best part of this type of picnic is that everyone, right from the teenage to the old age people, contributes their part in making the picnic a success. Their active participation is divided according to the capability and every individual accept the responsibility happily.


Picnic With Relatives

Picnic with the relatives comes as a precious time being spent together. In this busy life it becomes almost near to impossible to meet everyone individually. Therefore, a picnic comes to the rescue where all the relatives gather at a place, talk about the daily happenings, share some good old stories and memories, laugh and make the day special. This type of picnic is also valuable in the point when different relatives come and join and spend a quality time organizing the things for a memorable day.

Picnic With Friends

Picnic with friends is the most demanding type of picnic among the students or any individuals. We all have friends at every level. Spending the best time with the same minded people is worth cherishing and relishing. Think about the time when you and your gang of your friends have gathered at a picnic spot that has a river flowing in the midst of the dense woods. The splendid beauty and the picturesque landscape is all that can be said about how well the picnic has been organized.

However, picnic with friends has certain restrictions. The restrictions are on the part of the safety issue. Generally, the children up to the age of 17 years are hardly given the permission by their parents to go for a picnic without any adult supervision. In these years, the picnic is more of an excursion type where the event is organized by the school or the educational institutions to a place that has resemblance to the subjects they are studying. This type of excursion tour helps the student to learn the subject or the topic easily. They in the process get involved in the comparative study that helps them to retain the subject matter for long period of time.

The historical places are mostly the preferred sites or the spots of picnic that almost all schools have their on their priority list.

After the age of 17 is over, the college life picnic is worth remembering for the lifetime. The fun and the visits to the places is always a thing worth remembering.

The office picnics are organized more or less as a part of refreshment to be taken from the daily hectic working schedule. The picnic teaches the employees the spirit of coordination, cooperation and the team work.

Best Time Or When To Plan For A Picnic

The best time to organize the picnic is when it is the winter season. The scorching heat of the sun is also not felt. Also, the sun heat during the winters soothes the skin. Therefore, most of the picnics we see are organized during the onset and the offset of the winter. However, the entire winter months are suitable for the picnics to be organized.


Whatever, may be the case be, picnics of all sorts are always soothing and relishing. The activities and the incidents that happen over the picnic are worth remembering. Special care must be taken during the excursions because the teacher should know that all the students are not same. Therefore, controlling those notorious children needs extreme patience and alertness. Aside from these all types of picnic should have the minimum criteria to be fulfilled and met by the individual to make the process smooth and conclude as a happy and memorable one.

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