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Essay On Politics – Politics is derived from the Greek word Politika meaning affairs of the governed cities.  It refers to governance of a group of organized people within a specific area.   

Politics is a study of power and allocation of resources within an organized group of people in a specific territorial area sometimes called nation and the interrelation between this and other communities.

Essay On Politics

Politics is seen at various levels at tribal level, local level, national level and International level.

Political thought has been studied since ages and the first works on this have been written by Plato, Aristotle and Confucius.

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Politics Can Be Of 3 Types Viz

  1. Formal Politics – Operated by elected or ruled political leaders in accordance to a written constitution. Trespassing laws made by such body is illegal and punishable by law.
  2. Semi Formal politics – Governing bodies created for social needs and are not legally binding.  For Example Colony welfare associations
  3. Informal Politics – These are short term or long term alliances for particular goals.

Importance or significance of Politics

Everybody should understand and care about politics. This is because every decision taken by local, national or international political players affect our daily lives. Any new laws passed will have a bearing on health, education, food, entertainment and travel.  For example GST (Goods and Services TAX law) is the latest law passed by the Indian Government and it will have an effect on all the goods and services which we will be purchasing in the near future.

Secondly, every individual has to have a voice in politics; else, life would be cozy for some and miserable for other individuals.   A popular choice and voice would help the political leaders to make effective and impartial laws for the betterment of the society. Some nations give its members or citizens a right to choose their political leader.  Political leaders have different ideologies and it is important to choose the best from among the various persons who seeks your votes.  The elected person should be capable enough to run the show in a proper and legal manner.

Hence the above points make Politics significant and important.

Roles And Responsibility Of Politicians

Politicians are representatives of the general public.  They are elected on the basis of their ideologies, promises and their image.  Politicians have to be responsible and act according to the dictates of the people who have elected them. Moral standards of politicians should be high.  They have to set standards for others to follow.  The laws and edicts should be in favour of the public and not boost their personal income.  

Some aspects the politicians have to look into are Law and order maintenance, Transport and communication, Agriculture, Health, social welfare, Rural and urban development, Human resource development and trade and commerce.

In developing countries like India, the politicians have to focus more on eradicating poverty, hunger and unemployment. Politicians need to formulate policies such that these are totally wiped-out and the country marches towards development. In developed countries the politicians need to maintain this status and reduce crime rates while looking into other new problems like terrorism and racism. Of late, since the end of Cold war, International relations have gained prominence, what with the specter of Terrorism and World war looming large.

Indian Politics vs International Politics

India is a Developing country with a major part of the population below the poverty line. The people here are also gullible and illiterate. Hunger and unemployment are big problems here.  Some politicians in India take advantage and try to augment their income. So, corruption is a major problem here.

Indians loathe voting! They feel what a single vote can do to change the affairs of the country.  Of late, due awareness programs by the Government as well as NGOs more and more people are participating in the democratic process of Voting

Regional and communal politics is common in India.  India has 29 states and 7 union territories. Each state has a different history, culture and language of its own. Though there is unity in diversity, there are few problems that crop up and this one of the features of the Indian political system.

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India is a democratic country.  The rulers are elected by the people on basis of various factors and the tenure for political seat is five years. Democracy is not easy, what with regional politics, corruption, cross border terrorism, cross border war and International interference. There have been glitches but some very good policies have been made by the political leaders, which still binds this largest democracy in the world since the year 1947.

International politics is governed by a semi formal union of nations called the United Nations.  This body formulated policies for the betterment of the world keeping in mind needs and requests of its member nations.

International politics is determined on the following field’s ecological concerns like global warming, economics, geography, international finance, organized crime, foreign intervention, diplomacy, engineering, technology, international security, nuclear proliferation, human rights and terrorism.

Effect of politics on Students

  1. Education policies of Government have an effect on students as well.  Mid-day meals, free education and other welfare policies have helped educate children below the poverty line; thus giving them equal opportunities which children with good economic backgrounds enjoy. Of course, the allocation of resources for these tasks has sometimes not reached the needy.
  2. Student politics is one of the debated topics.  Of course if students are given basic training of politics at the junior level, they may become good citizens and good leaders in the future.  But in-fighting, prejudices and other problems have created factions and the student have stopped concentrating on studies and have spend time seeking votes and garnering support for their causes. The latest political issue taken up and successfully achieved by young student activists is the resumption of Jallikattu or Bullfight in state of Tamil nadu.

So, proper rational steps are to be taken in this direction to help students who will be the future leaders of a great nation like India.

Effect of politics on women

Perceptions of the society change according to the political situation in the country.  Women who were at the margins of the society have come into fore due to various policies of the Government.

Equal voting rights were the first policy that changed the equation.  The Greeks never let their women vote.  But, now women are marching in large numbers to change the face of the government.

The government is taking steps for the betterment of women.  Sukanya Samriddhi is one such, which gives more interest to Savings in the name of a Girl child.

Reservations for women have increased in the public sector, (Government service) and more and more women are joining the workforce.  Maternity leave and other exemptions have made women’s life better than before. Strict laws for rape and acid attack etc have also had an impact in women’s daily lives.

For country stymied with problems like girl infanticide, these policies go a long way in bolster the 48.17% female population in this country.


Many consider politics as a “mass of lies”, “endless pit of no return”, full of follies, evasions and hatred.  They also fee that nothing is accomplished for the general populace. But there are few politicians who have welfare on their mind.  Various policies and measures have been taken for the general good.

There are many checks and controls which a common man can use to control politicians.  First is right to vote.  Vote proper representatives and half the work is done.  Democracy entails change of politicians every four or five years.  Using this, to politicians with ulterior motives can be checked.  Next political activism can help removal or reinstatement of policies in favour of the general public.

Also, students and youngsters if trained morally, can change the future of politics.  So, there is hope.  Corruption, nepotism, babudom, red tapism and extremism the bane of politics can be kept in check if people of the country are made aware and act/react to all the diktats of the political system.

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