Essay on Population

World population

Population can be defined as “the number of all organisms of same group or species, which live in a particular area, and have the capability of interbreeding.”

Population refers to the total number of beings living in a particular area. Population helps us get an estimate of the number of beings and how to act accordingly. For instance, if we know the particular population of a city, we can estimate the number of resources it needs. Similarly, we can do the same for animals. If we look at the human population, we see how it is becoming a cause of concern. In particular, the third world countries suffer the most from population explosion.

Essay On Population

India is the second highest country in terms of population in the world with more than 1 billion as calculated in last census reports. In simple words, we can say that population is the number of people living or residing in a designated area. We all know that our country India is facing a heavy population growth. Experts even say that if the population growth rate remains the same then in next 5 to 10 years India will defeat China, who is the topmost country in population, exceeding India by just few millions.

Effects of Population Explosion

Heavy population growth is always a problem. India occupies 2.4% of total land area whereas the population is 16% of the total world. Unbelievable! But there is always some pros and cons of any matter.

Talking about Pros of heavy population, heavy population results in increasing number of manpower. The more is the population, the higher is the possibility of getting man power. In case of any emergency, country can use their manpower against any threat.

But the Cons are more powerful in case of heavy population. We have seen the results in past decades. Although the population is growing but we are not able to provide each and every person with sufficient food, shelter and education. Our means are limited. So this condition resulted in growing poverty, illiteracy and deaths. Parents work hard but they are not capable enough to provide all the facility to their children. The job opportunities are less, keeping most of the population unemployed. The condition is getting worse day by day.

India Population Map

Pros And Cons Of Less Population

Less population can be a more sophisticated part of normal living style. You can take example of USA. That country is so much small in terms of population as compared to India. But the whole world is affected and impressed with the growth of USA in every field. The population of USA is less than half of India’s population. And they are quite ready to accomplish all the basic needs of their residents.

Food, shelter, clothing and education are the basic need of every person. If the country is less in population they the government can take care of all the individuals and provide them appropriate facilities.

Yes, the man power will be less but if they are educated and skilled then they can beat any number of big populated countries.

Problems of Overpopulation

India is facing over population for many decades. Even after facing so many problems, we are failed to control the growing population. Due to this the government as well the common people are facing many problems. Government launch many facilities for the countrymen but it should not reach many people. The education level is poor. No measures results positive.

Causes and Effects of Overpopulation

The causes of over population are hard to find, but still we are trying to list out some:

  • Decrease in death rates during last few decades.
  • Tendency to create more working hands: The uneducated people of villages and poor areas think that with more child birth, they are creating more hands to work. As their financial conditions are bad, they need more working people without understanding that more heads need more food also.
  • Lack of family planning: In some parts people never plan their families. They flow like their family tendency.
  • Illiteracy: People are not aware of the consequences they have to face due to over population. They are engaged in more and more child birth.
  • Hope for Boy Child: In rural areas and some urban areas too, the people are still narrow minded and hope for boy birth. Due to this interested sometimes, they chain out birth of many girl child.

The over population is resulting in deep damages to our country as well as the living of common people:

  • Most of the people are not getting the life basics food, shelter and clothes.
  • Many people dint get the chance to acquire proper education and remain illiterate for life.
  • Growing population and illiteracy both resulting in unemployment. The job opportunities are less as compared to the demanding public. Also, due to illiteracy a person cannot opt for high designated jobs and have to work on low profiles.
  • Low profile jobs result in less remuneration, leaving the families to live in scarcity.

Population Control

Population control has become a major problem in our country. The natural resources to provide food and shelter to all are becoming a huge problem. We have to take some major and critical decisions to control the population:

  • People should be educated to understand the consequences of over population.
  • Family planning is one of major key solution to control the birth rate. One family with one or two child will be the common motto.
  • Government should start some appreciation programs to benefit those families who maintained the population control.
  • Sex education should be provided at an early stage so that the youngsters should be aware of the results and demerits of wrong acts.
  • Job opportunities with handsome remuneration will be maximized so that people should not opt for growing family population.


It is now very much necessary to control the population. We are moving ahead in technology but due to these problems we are still unable to compete with the developed countries like USA. We should learn from them. We know the value of a big family. But big family does not mean to trouble you but to provide happiness with proper facilities of food, shelter and education.

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