Essay On Right To Education

Right To Education

Education is the basic need and essential part of human society, the basics needs like food, shelter and clothes. Education is the prime right to every person whether a girl or a boy. In ancient time the way of education was very superior, Gurukal was the Education centers in India like today’s university or college. And students or pupils should aware and active for their education that time. In India under article 21-A according to constitute of India, education is the fundamental right of every child between the age of 6-14 years, and it should be provided free and compulsory to every child.

Right To Education

Education has a major role in our life, when a child born, he/she keep on start learning from that day till death, the learning and knowledge have no end or no limit. The more you come to know about the things the more your mind start developing. According to act 2009, the parliament of India declared that children of between 6 and 14 in India must have the right of compulsory and free education. Now India is included in those 135 countries to make Education as Fundamental Right of every child.

Why Education Is Important

Education is important and dominant part of our life. Education rises up the mental level of child and makes him/her eligible for fighting with evil which is spoiling our society. Because when one can able to ask questions and eager to have right answers, it makes him/her more intellectual and active by mind and body. Why education is needed, there are many reasons that can clarify this:

  • Education brings equality, and learns students that there is nobody is inferior to anybody else, mentally all are same.
  • Educated person has more chances of stable life, because through education the person can earn more, also can grow own business or any other job.
  • Education’s important part is self independency. Especially for women, they can be self independent and by financially, mentally and morally.
  • The educated person is more confident than uneducated.
  • If you are educated then you can’t be fooled or cheated by anybody else. The illiterate person is innocent and can be fooled by somebody.
  • Education brings awareness, and awareness and proper education makes nation stronger, if citizens are highly educated the country become more developing and growing.
  • If you are educated then you can easily connected with upcoming generation, which makes them more comfort with you.
  • Through education one can know about new technology and devices, like internet, mobile apps, and other gadgets, which is like a dream for an illiterate person.
Right To Education Essay

Education In India

Education In Rural Areas

Education in village is very different from town and city. In village or urban areas there are lack of such facilities and sources. If we talk about schools in villages then in some urban areas there is not even the proper building available of school, the students are studying in open grounds. No roads available in hilly areas, children who want to study have to go with endanger risk of like. Some of the schools in villages have only secondary level; many students quit their study after 10th especially for girls this is the major problem, because they are not allowed to go outside in city for further study, especially in India. Villages are less developed and nobody care for much about small villages. As well as there are no convent or much private schools available in village.

Education In Urban Areas

Town is larger in size and population rather than village, so here students can find more facilities and many convent and private schools. Also the transportation system is far better, many of mini vans and buses runs for particular schools. More higher education one can get easily in town, students can also find many colleges according to their interest.

Education in city is better option for students, city is well developed and you will find appropriate sources for education, like many famous colleges and university are established in major cities, tuitions and coaching are also available in cities. Thousands of students go to big cities for study, and can find accommodation and institute for brighter career.

Women Education

Education for women is important part of life and makes women for confident and self dependant. Women education is necessary more than men, because a girl is the caretaker of many families, not only maternal but also in-laws, and upcoming children, because mother is the first teacher of child, women education status is still very low, especially in India, where in many areas girl child is not accepted, and been killed by own family. According to 2011 database male literacy rate was 82.14 and females’ literacy rate was 65.46. This shows the huge gender gap and discrimination between men and women rights.

Especially in India the situation is too bad and critical regarding women education. In rural areas if in a village have 100 girls, and then only one girl will become educated to class 12th. And 50% of girls will leave the school before 5th standard, cause of domestic chores or any other duties. In rural areas mostly students not even know the letter reorganization. And 20% of them can’t read the book in Hindi Language, which is shameful.

Benefits of Education

For a better future and bright career the education is most important. Education is filled with only benefits there are not a single drawback of education which you can count:

  1. Education rise up the person’s mental and wisdom level, which is important for success and career.
  2. The more children will become educated the more they will become active, and a better and loyal citizen.
  3. Education brings equality between cast problems, and poor-rich distinction, and religion discrimination, which is the major problem of countries.
  4. Education gives the more opportunity for earning and stable financial condition.
  5. Education brings awareness about your body, health and activities, the more you will become aware, the more you can take care of yourself.
  6. Through education one can become more confident and can easily mix up with society.
  7. If parents will be educated then their children can have more bright future, because education affects communication skills.
  8. If any country has more literate citizens, the country has better economic growth, than other countries, and economic growth affects the development as well as the growth in every aspect.
  9. Women education is important like man education, because both are the wheels of one vehicle, and if any of them is illiterate then the vehicle will not work.
  10. Education help to control population, only educated people can understand about family planning and they can control over childbirth, and can help other people to convince about that.

Education In India

India is huge country with heavy population. And if we talk about higher education then approximately 700 universities including 37,000 colleges including millions of students have enrolled every year, probably India has the largest study system in world. There are many reputed institute located in India. Some of them are world famous, but still there are some missing points which should be discussed.

  1. If we talk about rural/urban arena then, there are still many schools present where teacher is always absent, or schools remains without teacher.
  2. Some of high profile convent schools are very expensive, that common man can’t afford it.
  3. Women literacy ratio is still very low in India.
  4. Many institute now becoming corrupted and demanding money on the name of donation and funds, which is shameful.
  5. Many universities and colleges are operated by political leaders or under any patronage, which is illegal, and not good for education in India.
  6. Sometimes many universities are fake and not accredited by UGC, they only spoil student’s career and time.
  7. Reservation for particular cotta is also a big problem, because sometime the talented students’ remains deprived of education or post.

Education is the prior right of every person, it doesn’t makes a difference whether a girl or a boy. The constitution has given this right to everybody, and many of plans and programs have been still running by government for providing free and compulsory education to every child of country. But this is not the responsibility of government, but it should be for everybody, what government can do if parents will not send their child to the school, parents should be aware for that, and must understand the importance of education in present life and also future life. The girl child have also the same right like boy, and in today’s time girl’s education is necessary that she can become strong by mind, and able to raise up confidence in personality, and also can be able to face all situations. In ancient time especially in India, the education was essential and important for both, but today there are many minus points in Indian education system and it really need to be improved, and every citizen’s efforts can make this dream come true.

Om Asato Ma Sadgamaya
Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya
Mrityurma Amritgamaya
Om Shanti, Shanti.

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