Essay on Road Safety

Road Safety First

Every day we listen about many accidents cases which occurred on roads due to negligence while driving in a wrong way. People are in very much hurry that they don’t care about traffic rules and risk their life. With the growing population of 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles Road safety now became a necessity.

Essay On Road Safety

Road safety is the measure to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries because of risk driving by the people or due to mistakes done by them while on the road. Every people need to be well aware of the rules so that no one risks their life while passing the road whether on foot or driving a vehicle. Certain safety measures to be taken to avoid the risk of life:

  • Keep maintaining driving on left and let others pass on from other direction.
  • Slow down your speed while taking turns.
  • Always wear helmet when driving a two-wheeler bike.
  • Follow the traffic rules prescribed by government.
  • Always maintain distance from other vehicles while driving.
  • Do not use mobile while driving.
  • Never drive on wrong side of the road. This is most common reason of most of the accidents.
Road Safety

Road Safety Measures

The government has taken too many safety measures to avoid and lessen the road accidents but still people don’t bother to follow them. This is basic cause of maximum road accidents. If people use to follow all the rules then there will be no accidents at all and no people spare their lives on road.

  • Traffic rules should be made stricter so that people avoid violating them.
  • The roads will be developed properly, to make sure that people can drive safe.
  • The traffic police will be attentive and active in his deeds.
  • The license providing procedure should be more focused.
  • License should not be issued to minors and they should not be allowed to drive anyways.
  • Walking pavements should be made with more care so that it should not collide with the vehicles roadways.
  • Proper road dividers and speed breakers should be made so that drivers will control their speed.

Road Safety For Kids

Although, road safety is needed of everyone but we are mentioned some extra precautions which are to be taken care when it comes to small children, old aged persons and women. First and foremost we will talk about the safety of our little kids:

  • Kids should be taught to take extra care and attention while walking on the road.
  • They should look on the sides, left and right, before crossing the road.
  • They should not run on play on the road.
  • They should be practiced to walk on side pedestrians who were made for walkers only.
  • They are made aware of the traffic lights which are the basics of traffic rules.
  • Ask them to wear helmets while riding a bicycle or bike and tie the seat belts while riding on cars.
  • Don’t allow them vehicles before recommended age.
  • Hold their hands while walking or crossing roads. The kids are naughty and with their acts they can distract other riders which results in accidents.

For women, who has to do a lot of work for office as well as for her own house, has to for some road safety policies which will minimize the risk of accident:

  • While walking they should also follow the rules.
  • Mostly women brain is equipped by so many thoughts. While walking or driving we advise them to free their minds and make focus on the road.
  • She should not use mobile phone or any other equipment while driving.
  • Women are the foundation of any family and we understand that she is always in a hurry to fulfill all her responsibilities. But her life is also important than any other thing.
  • Always drive slow and steady.

For Old Aged Persons

  • While walking on the road, they should keep an eye on the moving vehicles. Due to age factor, they may become slow and can face any kind of accident. So this is necessary.
  • While driving, they should maintain pace. Because they are old aged and their eyesight must be weak, so they have to be more cautious.
  • When you find any old aged person crossing road or driving, it’s our duty to help them. Let them cross first and follow them with minimum speed.
  • Hold their hands while crossing roads like they use to do when you are a kid. This gives them a sense of security.

Road Safety In Rural And Urban Areas

In rural areas, the traffic is quite less compared to that in urban cities. The roads there are not developed. The most of the rural areas are covered with tar roads or just pathways. No proper roads are being made. So the road safety measures are also not much a necessity. Because of less vehicle movement, the roadways are free of speed and traffic.

But in urban cities, the population of vehicles is much and growing enormously every day. People being status conscious or whatever you say, opt to have big and bigger cars in their home as a commodity. The previous day’s luxury has become a necessity now. As the need increases, so as the danger increases. With the increasing population of vehicles, the danger of multiple accidents is also arising. That is why the road safety measures are very much necessary in urban areas rather than any rural area.

Road Safety Rules By Government

Due to increasing number of vehicles and more increasing accidents Government of India has provided few compulsory guidelines to cover the road safety rules. Below mentioned points are the few prescribed Government rules:

  1. Use of mobile during driving is totally banned. If you have to make or receive any important call, make sure to have a connected device in your vehicle.
  2. It is a necessity for a car driver and passenger to wear seatbelts. Also, for a child under 4 years of age, it is necessary to make them wear child restraint for improved safety.
  3. For cyclists, it is necessary to wear approved helmets and have proper seats. They also have to follow the traffic rules like others.
  4. Pedestrians should walk along the pathways which are purely dedicated for walking only.
  5. Parking should be done on allotted areas. Parking elsewhere will result in heavy fines.
  6. More detailed rules can be found on the government transport website.

Violation of any of the rules will result in heavy fines and can also be landed on police lock ups.


While driving you should remember that your family is waiting at home for you. Don’t risk your life while driving. Your life is precious. You have ambitions to fulfill. Don’t waste it just to show your driving skills or hurry working. Stay safe! Live long!

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