Essay On Save Girl Child

Save Girl Child

Essay On Save Girl Child – Both men and Women are members of our society.  Hence equal rights are necessary for maintaining harmony. India gained independence in 1947 and went from milestone to milestone in all aspects of life. But, the women who took equal part in freedom struggle were left behind.  Discrimination against girl child is still practiced in India.

There has been an increase in crimes against women like rape, illiteracy, gender discrimination, female foeticide and dowry deaths. Save Girl Child is a program taken up by the Government as an awareness campaign to stop female foeticide and maintain gender equality.

Essay On Save Girl Child

Essay On Save Girl Child – Importance

In some parts of India, a girl is abandoned or killed at birth.    Some families do not send their girls to school, though the boys in the household are educated.    Some girls are married at a young age.  While some married women are harassed and killed because their parents are unable to give the exorbitant dowry demanded by the husband’s family.

These incidents are heart-wrenching and need to be looked into.  Save Girl Child campaign is a small step in this regard.

Why some people are against save girl child

Quacks and doctors who make quick bucks from abortions of female fetuses are the ones who are against Save Girl child campaign.

Save Girl Child

Reasons for saying ‘No To Girl Child’

Deeply rooted in Indian culture is the fact that a Girl child is a burden.  Most Indians prefer the birth of a boy, as he carries the family’s name, as against a girl, who is another family’s property.  Some feel their status in society is reduced on birth of a girl in their family.   

Some very common reasons why some Indians do not want a girl child are:


When a girl is to get married, her parents have to pay an amount of money, materials and/or jewellery as demanded by the grooms’ family.  Most times, parents are unable to give this amount; even if they give up all their savings.    Dowry is demanded even by educated people. Hence would be-parents dread birth of a girl child.

Wedding Expenses

In India, weddings are lavish affairs.  All relatives are called. Expenses incurred for food, flowers, room rent, music and other events are borne by the bride’s parents.  The parents of a bride move earth and heaven to earn such money to pay these expenses. Most poor people feel it is better to get rid of a girl child at birth as they may not be able to pay such a huge amount.


Some people are worried about a girl’s safety.  This is also a global issue, as world over women are being assaulted.  People feel this will cause dishonor to the family.

Measures to save girl child by parents

Modern parents are giving freedom to their daughters to study and follow the path they wish to tread. Indira Gandhi – first women prime minister, Chhavi Rajawat – first sarpanch of India, PTUsha – sprinter , Chanda Kochar etc., are some women who have, with their grit and parents support, scaled the highest mountains of  success.

Measures to save girl child by government

The Indian Government has been taken many measures to save the Girl child.  Some of them are listed below:

  • The latest step taken by the Government is Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign that addresses the skewed girl-boy ratio across 100 districts in India.  Government, Human right activists, NGOs and corporate world have joined hands in the year 2015 to make this campaign a success.  The funds initiated for this was Rs.100 crores. In 2016, Sakshi Malik had been made brand ambassador for this social awareness program
  • Ultra sound for detection of sex of child has been banned and the person who asks or gives information about the gender of the child can be punished by the legal system.
  • Social media carried Hashtag#SelfieWithDaughter in 2015 for social awareness and was well received by the public.  
  • Prohibition of Child Marriage Act was step to counter child marriage, According to this law the girl’s marriageable age is 18 and Boy’s marriageable age is 21.
  • Child labour Prohibition & regulation amendment bill prohibited employing children below 14 years in certain industries.  This law helped both the girl and boy child from exploitation.
  • Balika Smriddi Yojana, 1997, gave a set of incentives on birth of a girl child.  This included a gift of Rs.500/- to a mother of girl child.  In 2005, the government announced free and reduced cost education for the girl child.  

Many such initiatives like Dhanalakshmi scheme, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana(2017 postal savings), Sabala scheme, Kishori Shakti Yojna and Ladli scheme were undertaken by the government for protecting rights of the Girl child.   


India is a land where the female godhead is revered. Many keep forgetting that their mother is also a woman.  A girl performs many roles – daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt etc.  There is a need to create an environment where she is free and is able to achieve her goals and ambitions.  

Discrimination against girls should stop. Women empowerment is the need of the hour. Both boys and girls should be welcomed into this world with happiness. Then only can a society may be achieved as dreamt by our great Freedom fighters.

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