Essay on Summer Season


Essay On Summer Season – Summer season is the most awaited season by the students as get the chance to swim, eat ice creams, can go to hill stations or to their relative’s home or they can play all day long without getting any scolding from parents. Although summer is the hottest season of the whole year. But it brings a bundle of joy and happiness with it. It seems the longest season among all the 4 due to long days and short nights unlike winters which has short days and long nights.

Essay on Summer Season

Importance of summer season

Summer season occurs due to the earth’s axis rotation shift towards sun which causes long and hot days. The days are very long in summers as compared to winters and also extremely hot and get hotter as the day passed. You can get some relief in night but the nights are small. Although summer season is not good for health but it is as important for nature as the other seasons are.

Summer Beach

Summer is the introducer of rainy season. Due to the hot weather and sun’s extreme heat, the water from earth evaporates. These vapours get stored in the atmosphere building water clouds. The heat start making pressure between Earth and these vapour clouds, which ultimately results in rain. As much the pressure increases as heavy the rains will be. So the hot summer, which we dislike, is very important part of our environmental cycle.

Why Vacations/picnics and holidays are given summer season

In India, summer season is the vacation season for all. The schools and many colleges remain closed during summers. The reason behind is this is the hottest season of all others. The sun is so strong during May and June that people cannot beat the heat and rays during day time. Most of us choose to be inside our homes or offices and plan every outside work for evenings only. The summer are so ill-effective and people can suffer dehydration or heat stroke. This is the top season for all the diseases.

That is why government decided to keep the schools and colleges be closed during this period, so that the kids don’t have to suffer coming out in the hottest season. It is not possible for them to remain in classrooms only if they are in the school. They may play outside in the hot weather and that can cause damage to their health which is not good.

And just because the kids don’t have to go school in summers, the parents also decide to take a break from their regular office or household schedule and plan vacations during this time. Most of the trips were planned to visit some hill station to satisfy the need of pleasant weather. This results in a 2-in-1 plan. A healthy enjoyable family vacation and also get relief from hot weather.

Climatic conditions in this season

During summers, the temperature start rising and sometimes reach to its peak. In most of the regions, it starts from March and ends in June. These four months are considered to be hottest. The rivers, streams, ponds and well get dried up when the summer is in its peak.

Hot Summer

Compare summer and other seasons

All the seasons have their importance in the environmental cycle of nature and also in our human lives. Summers start with the spring season which is the most beautiful season. The flowers started blooming; the nature is turning itself from heavy winters. The weather is pleasant & quite happy. It is like a knock of summers. These initials periods are loved by people. Then comes the summer season! The king of hot weather! After let the people suffer too much with the heat, it gives us relief by the drops of water and welcomes rainy season. The rains cool down the temperature of Earth. As the environment cools down, they started knocking the door of winters. The heavy the rain were the cool the winter will be. In winters, the environment started losing moisture from the air which results in dry air which is a glimpse of coming summers. And that is how the circle goes on years to years.

Every season has its merits and demerits. Unlike rainy and winter season, summers allow us to more outdoor activities. You can plan vacation trips to different hill stations or enjoy with your family on long beaches, enjoy eating the fabulous fruits which are available during summers and can make un with family and friends.

Even some part of winter also allow you the external activities but you have to carry a bundle of sweaters and other warm clothes along with which makes an extra baggage problem.

Rains can only be enjoyable at home. Because the outsides are full of water and sludge everywhere. If you get wet, you can get ill too. The rainy season is the adopter of various diseases and people usually avoid it.

List of Fruits, vegetables and flowers related to summer season

The best part of summer season is that you can get the chance to eat the king of fruits, Mango. It is most favourite and most loved fruits among all Indians. Other than Mangoes, you can get lichee, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, jackfruit in abundance. You can get energy by eating these fruits and make your body’s liquid need in control.

Vegetables in summer are not much in variety unlike winters. But still there are few veggies which keep the interest of eating. You may choose among ladies finger, bitter gourd, pumpkin, capsicum, brinjal and bottle gourd. Most of the vegetables are hated by little kids.

But the best part of summers is the variety of flowers availability. The gardens are full with variety of flower range. The main flowers are tulip, lotus, marigold, roses, hibiscus, sunflower, lily and jasmine. The fragrance scattered all around.


The summer is very enjoyable if taken good care of health. It is advisable to drink lot of water and eat watery fruits like watermelon. Try to avoid moving out in hot sun during day time. Enjoy your holidays at some hill station or beaches. Enjoy swimming, other water sports, ice-cream and cold drinks. Be happy and stay.

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