Essay on Television

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Essay on Television – There was a time when entertainment options for people were very limited.  Radio was the only option to cater to the mass. It was used as an infotainment device where one can get information and also a pulse of entertainment through songs and different forms of narration.  In those years more or less every family use to have a radio and that was a priceless product.

After a period of time, a revolution took place and television got introduced to the public. It is a medium which transmits moving images in black and white and now in color. The images are either visible in two dimensions or three dimensions with sound as the most important element. Television is a perfect example of visual communication. One can get to see some stunning visuals through a medium.  Slowly it has made its presence quite heavy in the market and soon people started accepting it more than radio.  In the contemporary time, there is no other medium which has better home entertainment value.

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Essay on Television

Invention Of Television

The invention of television goes back many years before.  The credit for the invention of television goes to two people for working on it. One person is Vladimir Kosma a Russian man and the other one is Taylor Farnsworth from the state of Utah.

Zworykin is considered to be the father of modern television. He was the only person who applied the main element of the television that is an electron scanning tube. It was later called as iconoscope.

There is no way to deny the fact that television with time has developed in various ways.  From a box to a LED screen, it has been a huge revolution in the world of science and technology.

History and Importance Of Television

Television history is indeed an intriguing one.  There were various people who had an immense contribution in the world of television.  Around 1800 Paul who was a student studying in Germany discovered a mechanical module of television. The module use to transmit images with the help of thick wires and a metal disk.  This newly found technology was known to the world as the first electric telescope.


Types Of Television

Over the years television has been formatted in different forms.  With time it has changed in its shape, size, and technology.

  • Conventional tube- This use to be the most widely used television set for many years. The conventional tube worked on the principal of plasma screen with various color cells. This product was much heavier than all the recent television set. A lot of energy use to get burned through a conventional tube.  There was a time when the demand for this product was unmatchable.
  • Rear project television- These are mainly home theaters and are quite popular in the recent years.  This type of television always projects the image directly to the huge screen.  The images are mostly HD and people get an outstanding view of the cinema or anything that they are watching. This type of television set has a huge demand in the market with powerful images and great sound system.
  • LCD screen- It is still a popular choice among the people. The liquid crystal display still has huge demand in the market.
  • LED screen- This is completely a new technology with better image quality and unbelievable viewing experience. 
  • Plasma- Right now mostly all the companies are manufacturing plasma television set for the customers. It is much advanced and works in a better way.

Advantages Of Television

  • Entertainment- This has the highest entertainment factor for the people. Television in the recent years is the only medium of home entertainment for every family in the country.
  • Media- This is the only medium which connects us with the entire world in just a click. The engagement of media has only been possible due to the emergence of television.
  • A break from the monotony of life- There cannot be any other entertainment medium apart from television in breaking the monotony of life. People get bored of their daily life and this medium helps to Entertainment them through various ways.

Disadvantages Of Television

  • A major element of distraction- It distracts people from various important things. People get distracted at every point if television runs in front of him.
  • Hampers studies- It is a very common notion that students get diverted from their studies due to television. It is the major element of distraction for many students.

Television Brands and Models

There are various companies which sell television all over the world.  Some of the popular brands are

  •    Sony
  •    Samsung
  •    LG
  •    Panasonic
  •    Toshiba
  •    Philips
  •    Sharp
  •    Mitsubishi

Every brand has got a variety of models. One has to choose for the best one to serve their purpose

Well, entertainment has got no alternative in our life.  We all need a little bit of relaxation to break the serious monotony of everyday hassle. Television is the prime factor behind creating a perfect entertainment.

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