Essay on Value Of Time

Value of Time

Time, this is something we deal with every day. We are the characters where time is the plot, and each moment we are playing by the rules of time. However, rarely we actually reflect upon time itself. What time is – we really don’t know. What time can do for us – very few really care. What is the value of time –rarely we ponder and try to understand that limitless possibilities of time. Here in this study, we would try to evaluate the meaning and importance of time step by step.

Value Of Time

People claim that they understand time and its power. Yet, this is one of the trickiest things which anyone can deal with. The crisp and snappy meaning of time is – whatever the ticking clock shows us. With each tick, a second passes by from our lives and that second never comes back. Another snappy Definition of time is – this is a duration, between which something happens.

If you take a closer look, you would see that not a single definition totally encompasses the actual definition. There is one very important aspect which needs to be explored while trying to explain the meaning of time. Though it is not possible to touch or hear time, this cannot be ignored as a mere concept. This is in fact very much a reality.

Those who want to go deeper into the matter, would find definition of time in the grammar as well. When people learn about tense, they learn to express time and its power through past, present and future.

It is nothing which people have stumbled upon or discovered accidentally. It is something that has always been there.


Importance Of Time Management

Much has been said about value of time. Much has been written about value of time as well. However, very few have really learnt to value time. Time is the symbol of progress. It waits for no one, it stands for no one either. We need to bow and accept the tide of time, we need to wait until time is right. This is the reason, it is way too important to value time.

Time is money because time earns us money. There are some deals which you need to strike at the right time. Failing to do so means huge loss. This is the reason, time is the most important factor of life which everyone needs to understand. Some people don’t believe in the value of time. They spend it without thinking and without valuing. They don’t understand the value until it is too late.

The problem arises from the concept that they would be able to make up for the time they are losing in the present. However, it is not possible to make up for the lost time because time does not come back. When you try to make up for the lost time, you are actually losing time in the present. You are actually losing the time which you could have used for something productive in the present. This is the reason, you should never lose time and try to make up for it in the future.

Value of Time In Emergency

The value of time is understood when emergency strikes. It is during an emergency situation, one feels how valuable time is. When you are about to catch a flight and you are running late, you understand the value of time. When someone is about to go through a surgery, and doctor is running late, the value of time is understood too. The best thing to do is –think about time when you still are in control.

time management

Time Management

Time Management is too important if you really want to be successful. This is so because without proper time management, you would not be able to know what to do and when to do. It is during this undecided state, people usually make the biggest mistakes of their lives. Now, if you want to succeed, you would have to decide like any other successful person of the world – how much time to devote and to where. You need to consider how much time you would give to your business. If you are not decided on this hour, you would end up giving everything to your business. Yes, you would find that you are putting all your effort and your time to your business. Such approach does not help in growth of the business.

When you work too much you run the risk of getting burnout. As a working person, burnout can be a dangerous thing. You would lose productivity along with the quality of work. The moment your work overwhelms you, understand that it is time to stop. Mental and physical exhaustion is another sign that you are heading for burnout.

Precious time management

Time Is Precious

Time is invaluable, time is irreplaceable as well. You need to understand that time once lost would never come back. This is the reason, you need to make the most of time. You need to think about time as an asset which you should not spend casually. Once you understand that time does not come back and it is the most important factor of life, you would realize that time can be used to make wealth and get rich.

Using time properly can make wonder happen. This is what people frequently forget. They forget that millions of others are using this element for their advantage.


First you decide how to use your time for success, and then only you would be able to understand what you would have to do. Once you have decided this, you would be able to understand how much time is required to do the task that you want to do or to achieve the goal that you have mind.

Time management is learnt and therefore, in trouble you need to sit back and think how to use time for your success. You can try to imitate the routine of other successful people as well. This would help you understand what needs to be done.

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