Essay On Water Conservation

Save Water

Water is the foremost need for anyone and water Conservation is the hot topic today! It simply means making use of water in an appropriate and wise manner. Since our lives are entirely dependent on water, it’s our duty to think about water conservation and know that how we can serve in this.

Water Conservation

Adding to your knowledge, 97% of our planet is covered with the salted water which can’t be used by us for drinking. The left 3% of water is fresh but out of which the 2% is also jammed by glaciers and ice caps. So, we are left we just the 1%. So, now do you feel something that why conserving water is important for us. We are dependent on just a small percentage of water, so it’s our responsibility that we must not pollute and misuse it. Every one of us must know about how to save water. Before moving further let us know its types first.

Water Conservation Methods

Save Water Save Earth

An array of methods can be used to conserve water both indoors and outdoors. Here they are:

  • By protecting water from pollution one can contribute in the conservation of water.
  • Water conservation can be done by making use of water for redistribution.
  • Consider the rational use of groundwater.
  • By renovating traditional water resources, especially in the country like India his method can help in the conservation of water.
  • Using latest or modern irrigation methods in the agricultural sector can also help in saving water.
  • By making changes in the crop pattern like if crops are grown by farmers as per the agro-climatic conditions, then there will not a need of excess water.
  • With the use of geothermal water.
  • By saving water in Industries.
  • With the help of flood management also water can be saved.
  • Water can also be saved by guiding municipal bodies.
  • Last but not the least, water can also be conserved with the help of rain water harvesting. For instance: by digging lakes, canals, ponds to catch water and then installing filtration systems for using it can prove to be a big help. That water can easily be used for home gardening, irrigation of lawns, or for toilets. You can also use water stored through rainwater harvesting for small scale agriculture. Isn’t it awesome?

Modern Methods Of Water Conservation

Water Conservation At Home

  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth. This can conserve a lot of water. Also, educate your kids to do the same. By following this practice, you can, at-least conserve more than 150 gallons of water every month.
  • Try buying water-efficient appliances for your daily needs such as bathtubs, sink systems, dishwashers, etc.
  • Keep checking for leaks. A small leak in sinks or washrooms could cause the usage of extra water. Plus, this will add to your water bill also. So, next time, be cautious for such small leaks as this can help in water conservation.
  • While washing clothes and kitchen appliances, make sure you are not wasting water just by half loading your washing machine or dishwasher. Keep them full before washing.
  • You’ll be surprised to know that just by taking short showers you can help in the conserving gallons of water. Next time, promise us to take shower for short span of time.
  • Consider making use of brooms or dusters for cleaning rather than using water.
  • Make us of small capacity flush in toilets.

Agricultural Water Conservation

  • Spring is the best season to plant a garden as during this season plants needs less water.
  • For deforestation, many people make use of gallons of water. This practice consumes a lot of water. So it is suggested that don’t make use of water for deforesting foods.
  • Water the plants in your garden only when needed. Don’t just water your garden because you have nothing to do instead of spending time with watering your plants.
  • While watering your garden area, make sure that the sprinkler system set in your garden is in proper direction. Just check it (now!) whether the system is watering your plants or gutters.
  • Consider rainwater harvesting. It can really help in water conservation and is taken care of by many people.
  • Put a mulch layer around plants and trees. This will not only help in the slow evaporation of moisture but will also discourage weed growth.

How To Reduce Water Consumption In Industry

A lot of water is used by industries around the world. Even some industries make use of water to large extent that it is in hundreds of thousands of gallons whereas some industries like leather and dyeing industry serve (really bad!) in polluting our major life resource that is water.

Water is consumed in industries in both quantitative as well as qualitative manner. Only for the steel industry over 300 of water is needed for all the processes. For water conservation in industries, all that can be considered is:

  • It has to be protected especially from pollution.
  • There must be a re-use system for the conservation of water.
  • Industries can recycle the use of water because normally they dispose-off the used water on the ground surface once used.
  • The no recycling of water also leads to water pollution as it pollutes other available water resources.
  • With the help of recycling water, there can be fall in its demand.


Each of the aforementioned tips for water conservation are extremely really easy to implement. Moreover, these can surely give advantage in many areas. So take a pledge to conserve water from today only. If you think that only by your effort, there can’t be much water conservation, then don’t forget the very famous line written by an expert that “Boond boond se sagar bharta hai”. So, if you make commitment that, from now, you will do some efforts for conserving water then you alone can make a huge difference.

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