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Nowadays, for many players, it is less variety of outcomes in the bookmaker’s line and odds as the availability of mobile software at the office becomes essential. It is because betting has become more dynamic and exciting in recent years, thanks to betting apps, and is more accessible. Nevertheless, mobile software is only sometimes of high quality and can provide full access to the gaming platform.

A good bookmaker app is one of the main requests of the modern bettor. The more convenient the app is, the better for the player and the bookmaker. 

The market for mobile betting apps for Android and iOS is growing every month. As a result, there are fewer and fewer bookmaker’s offices that do not offer users a convenient application. As a result, customers are turning away from establishments where they cannot bet from their smartphones. Even offshore bookmakers have started making apps for Android or iOS to make it easier for bettors to access the site.

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Advantages of an official sports betting app for bettors and bookmakers

  • The mobile version of the site is always worse than the app because, in case of blocking, you will need to look for mirrors.
  • The availability of a phone app at the office is a plus for the company itself, as well as for customers. 
  • Keeping a large share of players.
  • It is possible to bet from any place.
  • The number of bets on different events increases.
  • If the company is offshore and blocked in your country, there is no need to look for a mirror when using mobile apps.
  • Convenient interface, fast download, and one-click access to the site.
  • Some companies offer their customers an alternative – an adapted website, but it is only sometimes convenient for bettors: you need to look for mirrors if the office is offshore. In addition, a lot of traffic could be better spent. 

For data security, download applications only from official sites to avoid getting a virus on your phone. 

Thanks to mobile applications, it has become possible to bet on sports via phone (even to access the line of illegal bookmakers). Such software allows quick registration and access to a gaming account. Betting through mobile bookmakers is accepted in the same format as on the official site. The only difference, the capabilities of the software do not allow you to provide a complete overview of the bookmaker’s line.

Where to download betting applications for sports betting

The link to the mobile application is on the site of the selected bookmaker company. In some bookmakers, it is visible both from the PC and phone, while somewhere, you need to go to the site through your smartphone to get the download link. 

Bookmakers with a license for their activities offer to download programs for iOS and Android through the official marketplace. It is safe and convenient. 

Offshore bookmakers rarely publish their software on the marketplace – moderators often block it. That’s why some offer only an app for Android – you can install it by downloading an APK file to your device. 

The application can be found through a search in the App Store or Play Market. 

It’s more complicated with iOS – company policy prohibits downloading apps that have a casino. And almost all offshore offices have it. Apps can be downloaded for free. If they ask you for money, then you have fallen for scammers. 

Why a mobile app is better than an adapted website

Some bookmakers think it’s better to adjust the official website rather than promote their app. But the program has more pros than an adapted portal:

  • good speed of operation – the app opens the interface of the BC faster than the most adapted website;
  • less traffic – the program saves up to 40% of mobile traffic per day;
  • if the bookmaker gets blocked, you can get access without searching for mirrors;
  • some bookmakers give bonuses for installing the application. 

Now the applications are not demanding the phone’s power and run even on weak devices. The only disadvantage is that the programs take up memory on the smartphone. 

How to choose bookmakers according to the app

If you care about the quality and usability of the application more than the other criteria, then we have selected a few characteristics to look at:

  • Whether you can download the program from the official marketplace or if you download the application through the bookmaker’s website, you meet an inconvenience: you need to allow installation from third-party sources and update the program manually.
  • Is there an application for your phone OS? Some betting companies may have a program for iOS or Android.
  • Ranking score by other metrics. Even if the bookmaker has a great app, rate it on different criteria. 
  • It should be a convenient and easy-to-use application. It shouldn’t freeze, heat your phone or give you any other problems. Also, ensure you have access to all the features in the app and can bet on all events.

You should choose a mobile betting program based on your preferences. Choose the same mobile software if you want to deal with reliable and stable bookmakers. As a rule, good bookmakers use the best sports betting programs.

Almost every mobile office today has a personal official mobile application, which can be downloaded directly from the site of such an office.

As a rule, players are given a choice of two versions of mobile software:

  • For devices with Android software;
  • for mobile devices based on iOS.

The best bookmaker’s apps are a relative concept. In most cases, a subjective opinion is given about the quality of betting software. Nevertheless, the existing top ratings of betting applications can help.

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Which bookmakers give bonuses when you install the app

Players do not need to be convinced that mobile software is ideal for betting. Nevertheless, as an incentive, some bookmakers are willing to offer good bonuses for downloading and installing mobile software.

New bookmakers with a small customer base often resort to such measures. However, some well-known bookmakers also use bonuses as an incentive for installing their mobile software.

In concrete terms, almost all companies offer bonuses for installing their applications.

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